Raw Materials: The Wealth of This Nation – Check out this rock!

I have said it before and will say it again. The raw materials, like the oil in the middle east, are the wealth of the people. In this case, the raw materials of this sovereign nation are ours. Set the failed economic order aside, Bitcoin Macroeconomics has more common sense than what is professed on the mainstream media that keeps the failures of Globalism and the debt based society alive and well, that of Global Slavery.
I don’t know who the jerkoffs are that sold out America and indebted them, but it’s disgusting as it comes via the ranks of cronyism, but hey, Hitler Germany had it’s following.
I’d put the quality of America up against cheap cheap Child labor or slave labor from some failed system of exploitation, that is if well trained and provided with the raw materials to create something, you know art and jewelry. Beats dependency. Beats homelessness, beats bogus employment numbers and unemployment claims and all the pigs at the trough that go along with it for the almighty buck.

Just look at the rock! Isn’t she beautiful? This is a rare earth mineral. In fact, this rock was picked over in Mattawa WA and no more prospecting. This rock has 7 different colors in it, including blue agate and jasper. There is a word for this picked over rock. And I can’t find it online. Comment below if you got a name for this one!
Going to cut it into slab and polish it!
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The discussion has been made how to take care of the homelessness that is arising in Seattle in epic proportion. Bitcoin Macroeconomics professes Natural Resources, Raw Materials, leaving the failed Urban Agenda 21 and the dependent nature of the failed paradigm of failed Keynesian and Progressive politics that obviously creates homelessness and focus on real jobs. We are talking economic development, not exploitation. Leave that to the failed economic order be it in India or China. Bring the jobs home here, this rock is but one example, and teach the kids something, don’t teach them to be economic slaves via dependency and failed economic policies, no. Turn raw materials into something beautiful, in this case, making the world a better place….one rock at a time.

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