The Ethereum Path is the Tao of the Jeet Kune Do

Cryptocurrency is a strange enough journey and it certainly beats a failed model of debt and wars, that of fractional reserve banking, so it is nice to see development of Ethereum.
This is a path that I decided to take here at Bitcoin Macroeconomics, at least to see where it goes.
Right off the bat I experienced an obstacle, but that is no different than having to duck under a fallen tree or hop over. But that’s where I am at.
Here is how I get over that hump:
If you are running a different linux distro, you can pull a simple binary from the release page, though then you’ll need to update manually afterwards
And this is a good place to point out how I got on the trail, because the path starts right back there, over yonder.
Come enter the path and see where it goes:

So where am I on the strange journey? I’m still in the daylight at the path’s entrance and this is where it will lie on this Thanksgiving 2015.
I am still trying to get GETH and get ETH! I have to find a binary and update it manually with what was posted previously, but the command lines provided by Ethereum seemed simple enough. Give it a try!
Geth & Eth
The command line tools for Ethereum Frontier
Welcome to the Frontier!

And this is how I hopped over the log:
try this

I’m down the path again!
Lesson learned: There is always a work around (in this case under or over) and know where to go to get the information. And NEVER give up. This is the Tao of the Jeet Kune Do.

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