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Moving forward with the infancy of cryptocurrency and the challenges facing it’s trials and tribulations, adoption of Bitcoin remains a challenge in terms of payment options or the acceptance by merchants.
You know you have heard it before. “What’s Bitcoin” or “I don’t get any of that digital currency stuff”. Well there is a problem right there, though it’s not too difficult to circumvent those that can’t fathom something they can’t see touch or feel, all while they are becoming debt slaves along with future generations via the fractional reserve banking system and debt that exceeds 18.5 trillion dollars in the US, not counting the derivatives, but you can rest assured that America is in default and that soon structural adjustments will be put in place when the debt is called in and all future policy will be about servicing that debt as a condition of repayment and for future loans on the debt. For some reason I don’t think they teach the kids this in school.
So what is a solution? Let them see it, touch it and feel it!
Bitcoin Macroeconomics has been looking into creating a Bitcoin magazine. This site has hits from 156 countries worldwide and it is time to capitalize on the momentum. Seattle is known for it’s tech savvyness, not to be confused with malicious and proprietary software companies that promote vaccination agenda, anti gun legislation, importation of workers, or domestic surveillance ripe with backdoors, but it is known for the tech sector.
To produce a prototype magazine, it will cost approximately $2,000.
It is not as easy as laying out my wordpress from the website, as I need higher resolution and layout. But the thought would be to keep it simple and to look at a quarterly magazine, one that can sit around coffee shops or waiting rooms or be sent worldwide should the interest be there.
It is possible and something worth looking at for 2016. I would like to ask if there are other cryptocurrencies or businesses that would be interested in either half page or full page ads to contribute in order to cover the cost of the first edition. Without this ad support, it will not be possible.
The purpose of the magazine would be to educate others on Bitcoin and blockchain technology, but it would certainly not be limited to Bitcoin as this site is not limited to just Bitcoin, but equally promotes alt coins and projects and technology in general.
I believe this pursuit is something worth establishing, yes in print (despite the trends) because in this case, it gets out to the market that is ignorant as to the changing landscape of currency and blockchain technology as we know it.
A first edition is one thing, so is a quarterly edition or every 2 months. But it all has to start with one.
It would be possible to promote crypto businesses via reviews and seek to establish value for the partners or advertisers.
From Bitcoin and Alt Coin Casinos to businesses that offer discounts for Bitcoin, or exchanges, this hard copy may be a good way to bring brand awareness.
Perhaps there are others that would be interested in consolidating efforts rather than this site going it alone?
I would like to ask going into 2016 if there are 20 to 50 sponsors of this project to cover the initial layout and production of a first edition.
This site is working on some other projects and is seeking a venue to promote these projects, and that includes more decentralization! It also entails live concerts and payment methodology that includes autopay to independent artists or to festivals that stream live and it would be my hope to have live concerts 24/7 even to the extent of multiple channels, but also a means to sell songs, albums, or even accept donations.
It’s time to send a message. A hard copy can do that. Either we do the same things over and over again and expect a different result or we go off grid and say good luck with that, and the wars and debt and debt slavery and loss to civil liberties. Or we educate the masses and drive this new economy and break up the centralization and propaganda.
My question is could Bitcoin Macroeconomics count on your support as a paid advertiser to come up with a simple yet professional Bitcoin Macroeconomics magazine, edition 1?

Please leave a comment or contact this site if you want to advertise. I’m throwing out numbers but what if $150 per full page ad or $75 for half page ad? Further ad sales would contribute to additional editions.

If you think this should happen or you enjoy the content here at this site, please share with others. This could come together very fast if I could find 20 or 30 advertisers and wouldn’t accept a dime until the commitment is there. As you are aware, Bitcoin Macroeconomics promotes trust in the cryptoeconomy, pulls no punches, prides itself on integrity and ethics, and this is but another reason why I believe it is time to promote Bitcoin in this manner.

I like the idea of doing what Thomas Paine did. If you agree, coalesce and join forces. With hits from those 156 countries and no stop until 180, this could be decent exposure and this site would appreciate your strong support.

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