Thanks Open Charity & Government Awards!

Open Charity & Government Awards!

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The Open Charity & Government Awards is OUT!

Bitcoin Macroeconomics would like to thank Open Charity & Government Awards for reposting the Freedom of Information – Formal Complaint to the ATG and State of Washington Ombudsman – Redmond, WA (Part 13).

You know JUSTICE is lost when a citizen has proof that a City Prosecutor’s Office destroyed criminal records and “claims” they were destroyed based on a denial of an appeal. The only problem with this little cover up is they know I was not denied an appeal, but I appealed. There is no statute of limitations and it is a Class C Felony for a Public Officer to destroy public records, and I have that on the letterhead from the City Attorney, an over 100 year old Seattle Law Firm, Ogden Murphy Wallace. Their claim that the destruction of the records were within the retention schedule is blatantly false, and this all came about when I requested criminal records including all date stamped copies from my attorney on discovery because the city destroyed audio and video tapes 5 days after the date of incident because they didn’t want the jury to see the threats and provocation and name calling. All this for a DUI at .068/.069 and they let me drive home …in a state that posts .08. There’s one word for all of this and it’s called racketeering.

But destruction of public records is a Class C Felony, and there is no statute of limitations. If any lawyers want to have fun with this one, contact me. This was an act of fraud committed upon the court. Only the most vicious will be considered. I am only interested in a contingency basis. So does justice matter? Not only that, but the ATG refused to respond to a public records request and said it wasn’t their department. This is the OPEN GOVERNMENT OMBUDSMAN. CORRUPT.

You know JUSTICE is lost when the Open Government Ombudsman from the State of Washington’s Attorney General Office doesn’t even respond, but chooses to protect their own. This woman named Nancy Krier is as worthless as a tit on a boar. It is telling how corrupt the ATG office is in Washington State; as corrupt as it was under ATG Gregoire and as worthless as it was under ATG McKenna.

Thanks again for reposting Part 13 of the FREEDOM OF INFORMATION series. To see all 25, check them out here:

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