It’s a Free For All! Obamacare and Specialty Drugs

Bartell Drugs has been in Washington State for over 100 years. Anybody that has been in business that long let alone in the pharmacy business must be doing something right. But no longer are the days that a patient can leave the likes of Rite Aid after they lie to the patient and blame a backorder on McKesson Drug (wholesaler) for a patient specific drug only for the patient to get the Federal Express tracking number for the patient specific drug and prove them wrong or any other service issue for that matter, no. Not in Washington State anyway.

Obamacare is a free for all. There’s more money in it for the pharmaceutical companies and insurance industry than there is quality care or quality service for the patient.

According to a source, the Obamacare state exchange Community Health Plan of Washington owns Express Scripts. So it’s not a HIPPA violation when the specialty pharmacy starts telling patients what they have to do, naming the brands of prescription etc, because the State of Washington’s contracted company owns the pharmacy and clearly this is not a conflict of interest. No, not at all. And service will improve as a result, clearly. Just go take a look at the complaints for Accredo (Express Scripts) online. Run, don’t walk.

While it is true that nobody else should be forced to pay for others healthcare and that Obamacare needs to be repealed, what do you do when the drug manufacturers and insurance industry have ran up their costs so much (in terms of gross profit dollars) that patients can no longer afford the medication prescribed? That’s right, the Republicans offer ZERO solution and the Democrats ushered in a FASCIST DICTATE.

While specialty drugs have skyrocketed over the last decade, easily quadrupling or in some cases going up over 5,000% for these drugs, biopharmaceuticals, or Tier 1 drugs, copays have become unaffordable even for the insured, given a 20 or 30% copay. And make no mistake about it, this is extortion over society and this is one reason America is bankrupt by design. Just ask yourself what will happen to the sick people or those that require medicine when all social services are cut as a structural adjustment policy when any further money goes to service the debt spiral and default America is already in?

When the IRS force a $95 penalty on those treated like second class citizens over the last decade or two, some have no choice, unless certain death is a solution or is suicide solution. But when states like Washington and others force the issue and take away any right to choice down to the pharmacy, I can assure what will happen and it will amount to bait and switch like that seen from Corporate America. The costs will skyrocket in time but all under the guise of “controlling the costs.” You really believe giving one company the control of that will keep prices down or do you think prices will go up to fund their CEO and Executive Bonus Pay?

No longer are the days when people are forced to pay for monthly premiums in order to maintain their “continuancy of coverage” and yet may not be able to afford the benefit of the prescription drug given the copay costs or extortion over society in other facets of life, and no longer is “preexisting condition” clause a factor with the exception that the insurance companies will just do a cost benefit analysis and charge more bypassing the new rule of no preexisting condition that suckers took hook, line, and sinker. I don’t think people even think anymore they just go along with whatever they are told to believe because the public education system clearly does not teach people to even think critically if to think at all, and such is Common Core.

But Republicans offer no solution. Democrats are blind to the truth and are too stupid to realize what’s really going on in society or if they can figure it out are in on the crony capitalism too much to care. But one thing is certain it is time to start voting 3rd Party and vote all these failures out. Both parties are warmongers and ushered in the failure known as Obamacare as this is all allowed by law, and it was all allowed by law previously. Big Pharma and Big Insurance have bribed both parties enough that this is where it stands and people that require cancer drugs, cardiopulmonary drugs, or a variety of autoimmune condition treatments as it has become a rip off with no other choice, but it has become a rip off for everybody that has to pay for it, and now with no choice. Washington State exemplifies this belief.

The prices need to come down, not stay the same or go up incrementally. But let’s face it, trending has been the prices going up double digits annually to force this extortion. I just wonder how many people died already? The Federal Government has allowed it by law. States do nothing but further give kickbacks to their cronies via contracts. Patients have ZERO say in the matter. And you know prices are going to keep going up with no end in sight, as this is a free for all. The State agencies are incapable of doing anything. And there’s more money in for the pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies that own this government and that’s what it’s all about. It’s all about the money. Obamacare is a disaster.

Again, the Republicans are not the solution. The Democrats have failed in all they do. Vote third party. But ask yourself, what are the patients supposed to do now that the prices have gone up and up and up and up?

Solutions are clear, declare debt jubilation. Tell the banksters to go to hell and give them the middle finger. End the wars, chase the special interests from our shores once and for all. And bring down the cost of living and that includes the cost of specialty drugs. Yah people may be living longer but what good is living longer if you and society are just going to be extorted and led over a cliff with debt and fascism? What good is government? Clearly these examples prove government isn’t worth a damn and they are the problem and not the solution. Clearly no choice at all or destruction of freedom of choice is a fascist dictate and a dangerous path to go down.

I just wonder who paid off who? What insurance companies? What pharmaceutical companies? What judges? What lawyers? What prescription pharmacy executives? I ask because obviously there’s more money it in than providing quality care to patients. Again, take a look at the complaints on Accredo (Express Scripts) and ask what good is removing freedom of choice? Is this what Obamacare is about? Remember, if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. BS. And remember, you have no choice in anything. You will do what you are told. I bet they teach the kids this in school, along with how to comply and obey, that of Common Core. And make no mistake about it, this is a conquer and divide issue to further destruct America.

This is anti trust behavior that will drive up the cost of healthcare even more, rendering it even less affordable, in violation of the Sherman Act. This anti trust behavior will come back to haunt the State of Washington for what they have done. Bartell Drugs and all the rest deserve the even playing field to compete for the business as does Accredo (Express Scripts) or this a lawsuit waiting to happen costing the citizens of the State of Washington. Competition is healthy for a free society; it drives quality, but anti trust behavior will only favor others and hamper competition and in this case eliminate it altogether, all while taking freedom of choice right out of it for the patient and harming businesses of the State of Washington like Bartell Drugs that has been in operation for over 100 years. This sort of anti trust behavior eliminates competition and with illegal decisions like that rendered via the State of Washington only proves once again that the State of Washington is not conducive to business at all. Bartell Drugs should file an Anti Trust lawsuit immediately and patients should file a class action lawsuit against the State of Washington to teach them all a lesson. You mess with the bull, you get the horns.

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