Thanks UFC Camp for picking up on the Freedom of Information series

Thanks #UFC Camp for picking up on the Freedom of Information Series! I once asked my martial arts instructor if he would consider allowing me to fight two people at the same time in the ring as he put on fights every 2 months. There was no justice anywhere else. My instructor said this is a sport, and what I was looking for was a vendetta and he said no. Figured the ring was a place to settle what happened one night. I still remember their threats and provocation. That doesn’t go away after they trumped up charges on a DUI and let me drive home. Looking back that was probably a ploy to arrest me a second time. I remember blowing .068 on the richter scale and saying “Well I guess I’ll be grabbing my jacket and keys and seeing you boys later.” Should have seen what happened after that. And then come to find out the city destroyed the audio and video tapes 5 days after the date of incident. I didn’t figure that out until after an appeal and a formal complaint I filed. My lawyers instructed me to not file a formal complaint while I was going through the case. There is no law when law enforcement can trump up charges on you, not in a state that posts .08, charge you at any amount, and then turn around and let you drive home and then testify they “believed” they impounded your car. The prosecutor had to put that word in the cops mouth while he was on the stand because he didn’t say it, the prosecutor did and made sure he said that. Talk about a rigged game.
I’ll take what I know from Muay Thai and my years of wrestling and put it all together in this Freedom of Information series. I’m not done with them. This is a dog fight. Pick and choose your battles wisely.
I’ll put my reputation up against the City of Redmond, WA any day of the week. Thanks for highlighting the first part in the series that offers links to the 20 part series.
Truth is treason in the Empire of Lies.

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