Want to Develop INDEXCOIN? Built in Payment Processor

Set up a SLACK account to develop INDEXCOIN. If you are interested in joining and want an invite, please leave your email down below in comment section.

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btcmacroecon 1:52 PM The purpose of this channel is create a team for development of INDEXCOIN, an indexing of existing cryptocurrencies but acting as a stand alone cryptocurrency. Seeking developers in an open and transparent fashion while seeking to establish a board to further develop features of this cryptocurrency. Generation of an autopay system (script) back to developers and partners/sponsors for each buy and sell is one feature, while a complete payment processing feature will to include INCOTERMS or terms of sale for worldwide commerce, this means door to door, port to port (or airport to airport), door to airport, door to bonded customs warehouse, etc. This also means development of a payment processing feature that adjusts currencies, or currency adjustment factor, be it Swiss Francs, USD, or Bitcoin to INDEXCOIN, or whatever Letters of Credit dictate. Total costs of goods, insurance, freight, transportation will all be determined by terms of sale, but the coin will have the ability, for this value added cryptocurrency. Along with payment processing feature, obviously it can be utilized for buying a beer or merchandise. I believe that incorporating a platform for owners of the coin (with coin comes right to utilize code) to sell their 3D printed models, products, or for artists (art, music, writers, etc) is feasible while also providing free 3D printing software on the blockchain and other value added software (security). But this coin will be comprised of existing cryptocurrencies and since the owners have the right to indexed coins, that also includes the technology of each coin, and for this, INDEXCOIN will represent the ultimate trading coin, one with varied technologies in time.
A board is required to determine the percentages and which coins to be included, however over time multiple INDEXCOINS can be arrived at, not just one, but that is all subject to decision making capabilities of the board.
Stage 1 project requires developers and some strong math with the creation of arriving at percentages and developing that into blockchain activity for purpose of buy ins, and selling, but also for arriving at an autopay feature (script) that pays back developers on each buy and sell order of the coin, while this feature is not limited to developers or contributors, but also to partners in business and sponsors of the project.
btcmacroecon 2:01 PM 3D Printing, Software, Security, down to Beer and Pizza – and international partners be it steamship, logistics services, and cryptocurrency exchanges are welcome to join Stage 1 Project. Bitcoin, DASH, Florincoin, Namecoin, and other coins are possible in the INDEXCOIN and this project will work on determing the best value of the INDEXCOIN for the value added coin that it will be, and the services and partnerships it will provide, and this will include marketing campaigns for such things as 3D Printing competitions, hacker conventions, independent music sales, art, and perhaps concert series, or grassroots efforts.
For initial purposes, please find some more detail on both the payment processing and of INDEXCOIN itself:
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March 6th at 1:35 AM
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Sept 14th, 2014 at 7:11 AM
Wallet Developers or Payment Processing partners are welcome so as to enter into worldwide trade via INCOTERMS (terms of sale) and to further bring needed competition to world markets and to adoption of cryptocurrency and to bring it up to speed in terms of utilization. This coin will bring methodology along with value of indexed coins, but it will only be possible with developers and partners in it’s creation. If this sounds like something you would be interested in being a part of, or want to join early on for arriving at board decision making process, or care to be a sponsor of said project, your contributions will be welcome and it will not be possible without such contribution and appreciated talent.

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