Cliff Burton Bass Solos

Had the pleasure of seeing Cliff Burton thrash live at one of the most pit shows I could ever imagine let alone see. Moore Theatre, Ride the Lightning Tour. Watch the video and then see the notes of what was observed at that show! Hey have you checked out Bitcoin Macroeconomics? See the menu? Click METAL SHOP!

OK. A friend’s dad was kind enough to drop us kids off at the corner! So we get out, fortunately highly buzzed as this guy’s dad got it. So the line went around the corner of the Moore Theatre. Talking 1984. As soon as we get in the back of the line, this kid takes a fifth of Jack Daniels and polishes off at least 1/3 of the bottle in one swig and proceeds to throw it right through the window of a Seattle Police Department cruiser. And then he gets back in line. The cops saw the kid and went into the crowd and beat this kid to a pulp. The cops beat this kid so bad just as the doors opened for the Metallica show (Armored Saint opener) and the cops created mayhem with the beating they put on this kid.
The line moved fast.
As soon as we go into the door this guy yells “METAL UP YOUR FUCKING ASS!” and proceeds to take out his Bic lighter and lights the KISW (Seattle’s Best Rock) banner on fire. So walking in…it’s already on fire!
The Husky Football team front row (yellow shirts) security were beating people. One guy in particular kept getting on stage and stage diving. Kept getting up there. And then he would take big shots at whoever came near him, and would dive again. Was awesome to see! Went on over 20 times!
Things got so crazy, that at one time, there were at least 20 people on stage headbanging! Show went on.
That guy that kept taking big shots at security…eventually met his beating as he stood on the stage, turned his back and the security grabbed his legs and brought him down and proceeded to beat the shit out of him given the shots he put on security. He should have dove a second earlier!
I can only count one other show that was any better, but that was because I maintained front row at the barricade! I had a bruise on my chest for a week. I was crushed.
The Metallica show was 2nd best of all time.
But I saw how SPD created mayhem. Just in time for the doors to open. Thanks SPD. Made for a good show.
I can say I saw police brutality, but it incited the show.

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