Marble for Crypto?

So I have this piece of polished marble and it’s over 39 inches X over 21 inches X over 1 inch thick. It has a couple of cuts (as pictured) but still good piece. Probably a Craigslist sort of thing, but wanted to see what it looked like zoomed in, besides I’d take Bitcoin or alt coin for it, but you’d have to come pick it up north of Seattle.
Make offer. Beautiful piece of marble that sparkles in the sun!
It’s every bit 75 – 80 lbs

Cost of Marble Countertops
Item Buy Qty Low High
Material 53 sq ft $3,602.75 $6,430.90
Labor 10.2 hrs $387.12 $576.43
Supplies, Tools $107.13 $123.94
Total $4,097.00 $7,131.27
So based on:
calc (39/12)*(21/12)
(39/12)*(21/12) = 5.6875 (square footage of slab)
Puts it in perspective.
**I divided that square footage / price by 10 since the slab is 5.6875 square feet.

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