The Media Is Lying

Bitcoin Macroeconomics is hear to remind you that the media is lying and there are organizations out there highjacking reality and spinning stories that well, I have to point that out. You have to literally be your own media. The story here that is being told is a bold faced lie. There has been a set up, an “official lie”, and then the hate group SPLC enters the picture.

What sticks out like a sore thumb from the beginning, is the same old spin seen over and over in the media. I read a headline briefly while at a convenience store. I picked up on talk of Monroe WA and a Militia Training Camp and that someone was charged with murder. I made a mental note to look this up as I happened to hear of a story a few years back and heard the story directly at an Alfy’s restaurant from a person that was being targeted, and harassed, to what I believe I heard fined $2,000 a day for a berm that was built on his family farm as he taught firearm training to, but that he did not have the permits to build the berm, and simultaneously set this man up in a Catch 22 so he was drained at $2,000 a day. How do I know this? I supported the Ron Paul campaign and was present at the Meetup.

Now a leader in the liberty movement has died. I used to enjoy talking to Michelle St. Pierre and she said if you ever want to talk politics, just call as she was always willing. So I just found out today that MSP has passed. RIP. But I recall the Meetup, the faces, and I have to say that and I have said it before that the meeting was infiltrated. I mean we discussed Ron Paul, the Federal Reserve, Liberty, Inherent Rights, you know all that “extreme” stuff they smeared Ron Paul with. And then I read that headline about the Militia Training Center in Monroe. Seemed of the same smear, and then I read about that hate group the SPLC. Something isn’t right here, but the word “militia” is being thrown out in the press at will, but this story doesn’t add up.

You have to check your sources and trust your sources. I cannot access the Seattle Times to follow up on that headline I read at the convenience store today, so I did a quick search and found the Reagan Wing. It was there that I found out that MSP had passed away and that “Strat” had been arrested.

Like a spontaneous uprising, people coalesce when there is a crisis. And it was that coming shakedown of our economy, thanks to the pump and dump scheme of the Federal Reserve and the government that was in on the Housing Meltdown, brought that spontaneous uprising together. Yah, people organized. You know, those kooky Ron Paul supporters. Die hard liberty lovers, angry and extreme folks, you know what they say. Believe what you want, like the smear of that hate group the SPLC and calling these Patriots “Sovereign Citizens” and “Racists” and “Militia”. So when I read into the story a bit more, I have to say, I’ve seen this agenda for a very long time. Now back to that spontaneous uprising.

Get this, Ron Paul supporters met up at the local Mountlake Terrace Library. This is no different than the Group Thinking Left did for Obama. People come together and that is our right, as failed as this rigged system is, but you know, we have to try by every legal means to do what we can, after all it’s our country, let me rephrase that, our sovereign country, it’s not the Globalists, or those that manipulate the media with concocted and outright lies to get those Group Thinkers to accept it blindly despite the truth, to forge ahead with an agenda, despite if the means justified the ends, because that did not happen in any of this. Again, this is a bold outright lie, but I have no clue as to what happened here, other than it stinks of cover up and spin, and it’s including the man and the media.

So let’s get back to that spontaneous uprising …oh yah the meeting at the library. I had only met a couple of the people before, but I wanted to learn more and be active in the Ron Paul campaign and I remember a gentleman walking in in all black, open carry on hip, and he sat a few feet away from me at the library. I distinctly remember people in the hallway (not associated with the group) freaking out a bit and I figured it was because of the open carry “Strat” had going on. It didn’t take but a couple of minutes before I saw a Mountlake Terrace Policeman pop his head up outside the window of the library to peer in to take a look for himself. But that was the first time I ever saw Strat. I had only talked to him a couple of times, but he seemed to know what he was talking about, seemed deep, and seemed sincere, and he took his rights seriously. I think everybody at that meeting did, that’s because our rights are being taken away, via lies, media manipulation, debt, and all the things we were there talking about. I remember at that meeting a gentleman that came back from the War in Iraq telling us about all the GE Equipment he saw in Iraq and the Howlitzers and how he decided he wanted to run for Congressman to bring change. I know very idealistic, but he was inspired. I don’t think he won, but can’t fault him for trying.

So later, I recall the situation where “Strat” was being set up by the Snohomish County Courts and given the Catch 22 to drain him with fines over a berm to catch the bullets from his firearm training on his family farm. I recall a suspicious person (male) at the meetups, and he appeared to take notes. I then read that MSP has passed away recently, and then I read that headline today, and then you start reading the comment sections (where the real news is usually anyway) with the exception of the Reagan Wing which will break this story wide open I am sure. Let the truth prevail!

You will find this story is a cover up, that it’s a false narrative, that the Seattle Times is doing false reporting, based on predetermined fabrications, but make no mistake about it, this is a spun story, it’s an agenda, and it’s concocted to spin things like our inherent right to bear arms and paint those “extremists” as dangerous Ron Paul supporters to fit their “Agenda”. It’s par for course. And it’s been going on for years.

So I put one and one together after merely glancing at a headline as I left a store today, I mean I wouldn’t ever spend a dime on the Seattle Times, in fact they are officially boycotted for life, and listed on Bitcoin Macroeconomics today, not even adding this up yet. But since I cannot access their worthless paper online, I had to search further and that’s fine, because the Seattle Times is the local lapdog media that well, lies, and now just maintains and supports the Status Quo Maintenance, and concocts stories to go along with the “Official Agenda”. They have been caught before, and they will be caught up in their smear campaign reporting. Know why? Because this is all par for course. And you are expected to just go along with it, like those fabricated “sovereign citizen” concoctions that come out like Press Releases via the AP and appear in papers nationwide to well, give that false narrative. You know how the media conglomerates work. I need not tell you if you are smart enough to read Bitcoin Macroeconomics.

Like many of the people in the Liberty Movement, there are some cool cats and some really neat people, and some real personalities. I have met Doug Parris, the author of the Reagan Wing. He’s a very colorful guy, has many stories from long hard fought battles in the Republican Party but he’s also a very powerful speaker. It is my opinion there will be accurate reporting and truth coming out of this publication versus anything the Seattle Times could ever imagine reporting. Know why? The Seattle Times has failed to do it’s job.

I never realized I would grow up to be so conservative. In fact I have been called a Liberal by a family member. I had to laugh as this person is brainwashed by the left / right divide that has plagued our nation in a false dichotomy. But often I am not as Conservative or right leaning or as Christian as many of the people I have met in the Liberty Movement. But I respect them all, as we all have our rights and those rights cannot be taken away. That’s what I respect about the Bill of Rights and Natural Law, is that these laws and rights are inherent in nature and they cannot be taken away and that means for anybody, no matter what color, religion, political affiliation, left or right, or in between, and that’s what I respect about the Conservative Movement, whereas the Progressive Left really only cares about themselves, sure they talk a great deal about “social justice” but it really only amounts to Fascism and Totalitarianism, even to the extent that the means do not justify the ends, like Sandy Hoax, or whatever hate groups like the SPLC want to spin to fit their “Agenda”, and then spread the venom through law enforcement circles and the media, because that is how ideologically warped these people are.

So there I was researching a headline via search because that tabloid trash Seattle Times wouldn’t allow my IP to view their trash, and that’s fine. Let’s just say they couldn’t handle the truth in their comment section and chose to ban me and I have since boycotted them for life. So I had to again arrive at the “news” or “truth” via alternative media, and that’s where I ran into the tragic understanding that MSP had passed away, but I did realize Doug Parris was onto something at the Reagan Wing.

I do not know what happened, but I can say that what is being reported doesn’t appear right at all, and that is my thesis, yep, it sticks out like a sore thumb, and this story isn’t right as reported via that headline news I read at the convenience store, or what I read from a police report from the Reagan Wing. And with that note, I will hand it over to the trusted source, where the Seattle Times and their operatives cannot be trusted, once again, so let’s take a look at the Reagan Wing, and let the truth be told.

This whole story is tragic, especially because MSP was such a wonderful person and a true leader. This is a terrible story. But something isn’t right about any of this, but again, I trust the source the Reagan Wing and that’s where to start.

I don’t know what happened to “Strat” or what happened on that day that has now brought him up on murder charges, and I cannot verify if the police report is true, but it sure doesn’t seem correct at all, not with people that came to help out MSP.

But what sticks out in my mind was the Catch 22 that “Strat” was put in with that farm in Monroe and how that all went away. There’s something there. And I believe it involved conspiracy, and for that, all fines were dropped from what I heard. I mean, I just show up for pizza and to talk Ron Paul and you pick up on things and talk to people. That’s what us political animals do, what we should do, rather than getting our news from the trash like the Seattle Times or the Everett Herald.

But I also recall people taking up donations for defense for “Strat” being that he was being extorted, literally at what I believe I heard was $2,000 a day. And then I heard that men in black suits showed up at some people’s houses and told them to stay out of it and to not be collecting donations for his defense of his Catch 22 that the local Snohomish County Courts pinned to him.

And then there was that gut instinct of the infiltrator of the Ron Paul meetup. One can only make a mental note. And then you read the headline from the Seattle Times, and the fact that that hate group the SPLC has a hit piece out on this entire story, they must be trying to paint their “Agenda” again.

You can bet there are gun grabbers in America, you can bet there are Globalists out there to bankrupt America and strip us of our sovereign rights, and utilize a media outlet to cover their entire concoction and outright spin the story in a complete Orwellian fashion – and this was all the sort of stuff we met up in the first place to discuss these issues and why we needed a decent person, a fiscally responsible leader, a civil rights leader, and a non aggressive non WARMONGER like Ron Paul in the White House, but the media threw him under the bus. But this is how the spontaneous uprising came out….you know meeting in a library to discuss freedom and preservation of that freedom. And this is how natural born leaders like Michelle St. Pierre came about to help educate others of the pitfalls facing America and we need to do not go down the path that is being seen in America today from 2 failed and corrupted parties that only have failed Keynsian Economics, War and Debt – and structural adjustment policies in play already as a result of the 18 trillion dollar sovereign debt that will plague future generations. But make no mistake about it, the opportunists and the gun grabbers will jump on any crisis to spin it for their own advantage, because you know what they say, “never let a good crisis go to waste”. But this story stinks to high hell.


To those facing uphill battles or have lost a love one, hang in there, you do have the support, and may the truth prevail. I am glad I have met all of you in this spontaneous uprising that all started with Ron Paul and our love for our freedoms, those that which cannot be taken away, not willfully or otherwise or via Totalitarianism and State Run Media Propaganda.

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