Faucets Removal

Hello Crypto Enthusiasts,

Today I spent a good portion of my day removing faucet links. I have hundreds. I have spent a lot of time adding them and updating them. I have no problem removing them either and I will tell you why.

USSR Faucet and (affiliated) like 23 Coin, etc…(if you are familiar you know the similarities) but I had to remove several because of porn ads.

I believe in freedom, but with freedom comes responsibility. I have my site and free crypto section up for everybody and I promote adoption of cryptocurrency. Let’s face it, cryptocurrency faucets are about as lame as they come. But when people ad in porn ads it isn’t right. I say this because children or teenagers should not be exposed to it. People should not be offended by it, that includes both men and women. People of faith should not be offended by it. This is a black eye to cryptocurrency and I question the motive behind it.

I believe there are people threatened by cryptocurrency. I mean we all saw the Sparta captcha over and over and I don’t think all parents wanted their kids exposed to the violence. We have seen microwallet go on hiatus. Now we see porn ads on USSR Faucet and 60 sek etc.

I’m telling you it was a pain in the ass having to remove them given there are hundreds and hundreds. Add in that I have them in several lists I have spread throughout the net, or by various languages, it is impossible to remove them all and all I can do is what I can do. I deleted what I could from my master list as I update it and they will never be added again. This is inexcusable.

The conspiracy theorist in me says it’s probably JP M! But …it’s probably just some low lifes that hide behind computer. Either way it’s a black eye on cryptocurrency and faucets and games.

I mean I got several hours changing things up and then I somehow screwed up and had to relink my list …so very time consuming. Over time, I can use this master list and change up some 25 other lists, but will take some time. But I will do it so others are not offended, as I do not want my site www.bitcoinmacroeconomics.com being associated.

I believe in freedom, yes, but again, there is right and wrong. I believe in the Bill of Rights, but not with the faucet lists….

I move to create like an International Standards Organization perhaps to avoid these problems, or worse, malware. It is worth the discussion.

For adoption of cryptocurrency to take off, it has to be safe and fun, and there has to be a “body” that can help police against this that stifles the adoption. I know the crypto world hates governing bodies and is distrustful in general, I get that. I’m with you. But in this situation – especially malware…what do you think should be done….I myself don’t want to walk away from my lists and referrals. I don’t want to waste my time either.

Probably is JP . JK. But like viruses and windows, it’s probably arrogant globalists with an agenda. A real conflict of interest built in. JK but not really.

I just think it needed to be said.

Your thoughts?

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