How the Odds Work <--Live Feed Tonight's Ultimate Fight Night Example (in Bitcoin) Carlos Condit @ 1.3 (bet 1 Bitcoin, win 1.3 back) Thiago Alves @ 2.96 (bet 1 Bitcoin, win 2.96 back) or Carlos Condit by KO/TKO @ 2.76 (bet 1 Bitcoin, win 2.76) Thiago Alves by KO/TKO @ 4.6 (bet 1 Bitcoin, win 4.6) or Alves by Submission @ 10 (bet 1 Bitcoin, win 10 if he wins by sub *Can bet Bitcoin, Dogecoin, or DASH <—-Latest Odds – Place Bet  <—FREE CRYPTO to place your bet!

Got to go with Condit on this one. 1. Heart 2. Cardio 3. Desire

OK, here’s an example (oldie, but good example!) This example shows in terms of $Dollars NOT Bitcoin or cryptocurrency, but you get the picture. Credit for example goes to:

The basics of MMA betting are simple: the sportsbook offers moneyline odds on each competitor in a fight and you pick the winner. If your fighter wins, you cash the bet.

Anderson Silva -430
Yushin Okami +345

To bet on Silva a player must bet $430 to win $100. To bet on the underdog Okami you’ll receiver $345 in return for every $100 wagered should he prevail. If Silva wins, you’ll get $530 back from the bookmaker (your $430 stake plus $100 profit) and if Okami wins you’ll receive $445 (your $100 stake plus $345 profit). For the purpose of basic moneyline betting the method of victory doesn’t matter—if your fighter wins by KO, TKO, submission, decision or disqualification you win your bet. Although some sportsbooks offer prop bets with big moneyline payouts in the event of a draw, basic straight wagers return your bet in the event of a draw or ‘no contest’.

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