Quick Lesson on Security: Passwords

Here is an example, something I have been leery about for sometime: Passwords

I signed up for a Bitcoin Faucet for the FREE CRYPTO section at BitcoinMacroeconomics.com

I was asked for my name, email, and password, along with my Bitcoin Wallet Address.

OK I have nothing to worry about giving out my Bitcoin Wallet Address to anybody. Check.

I gave up my email address, which is really no big deal, but something to consider in this here lesson.

I gave up a password, but I am always distrustful of this one, and here is why. Granted I give up a new password each time for this distrust of cryptocurrency in general. But here is the email I got back.

Dear Idiot,

Thank you for signing up in FarmSatoshi.com. Your new account has been setup and you can now login using the details below

Email Address: ABC@bitcoinfreecrypto.bit

Password: !!!12BBQ!

To login, visit https://FarmSatoshi.com

Contact us at support@FarmSatoshi.com for help or questions.

Game Rules: https://FarmSatoshi.com/

Enjoy farming and free bitcoins.

Best Regards

FarmSatoshi Team

OK I mocked that one up a bit for privacy for this example, but as you can see the Password came back in full text, exactly like it was.

We assume that since the password is bulleted entering these things over and over again, that they are protected from prying eyes right? WRONG. In this scenario, all it takes is someone to check their outgoing mail (in this case the Bitcoin Faucet) and they get my password! That easy.

Now suppose I am gullible and trusting. They get my name, my email, and password if they just check their outgoing email box! Now suppose I am a real idiot and use the same password over and over again, including for my email or everything. These data miners can compromise a great deal.

So remember that just because you think it’s bulleted and you are protected, you are not! This is a good lesson, but Bitcoin Macroeconomics is looking after your best interest with educational material. And this one matters.

So remember….change up your passwords on each and every entry. Never assume that because it goes in bulleted, that you are protected from prying eyes.

Better yet, consider password protection or encrypted passwords, the kind you don’t have to write down all those passwords or worse, use the one that all they have to do is see it just like the above example.

Here is one I came across and signed up for the other day. Last Pass. Check it out for all of your passwords. Read the instructions, do not lose the password. But you can use one password and it switches it up so people can’t steal your password because you are gullible. Right?


Simplify Your Life.
LastPass remembers your passwords so that you can focus on the more important things in life.


All sensitive data is encrypted and decrypted locally before syncing with LastPass. Your key never leaves your device, and is never shared with LastPass. Your data stays accessible only to you.


So you see above that it says YOUR KEY NEVER LEAVES YOUR DEVICE, AND IT IS NEVER SHARED WITH LASTPASS. YOUR DATA STAYS ACCESSIBLE ONLY TO YOU. Now consider that option versus the Bitcoin Faucet that sent me the password back to that I thought was bulleted! But again, I am distrustful and rightfully so! Please share this one with others.

Do your own research. But beware. There are so many sheisters in the world of cryptocurrency it really is disgusting.

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