Advertise on Semi Truck Trailer

Do you want your brand awareness to be seen?



Bitcoin Macroeconomics is offering a cooperative advertising program that will enable you to get your logo and banner up on a Semi Truck Trailer. These trucks will be seen as they go in the Lower 48  routes.

You can have your logo on one truck or a fleet of 500. It’s up to you. This is a cooperative advertising program that will feature along side the Bitcoin Macroeconomics banner:

Bitcoin MacroEconomics New Header 3-18-14Payment must be paid in cryptocurrency. Banners must be provided by your company or payment up front for consulting is available. These arrangements are made on a case by case basis with independent truckers or commercial fleets, all subject to prior sale and agreement (terms) in writing. Current options available for white trailer with no other forms of advertising (on that side). Rear back doors also available for ads.  Payment to truckers must be paid up front in an agreed upon fashion and likewise, payment arrangements must be made in advance or trucking firm has right to remove all banners. Minimums will apply.

Want to promote your brand? Want to promote your truck stop? Want to promote your truck supply house? Want to promote your OEM manufacturer?

How about your cryptocurrency? How about your business? How about an animal rescue?

Only serious inquiries will be taken.

Truckers do you want to get paid in cryptocurrency for ad space on your truck? Bitcoin Macroeconomics is in full support of the independent owner operator and the trucking industry. Fleet Managers, you want cryptocurrency for the space on your trailer? Perhaps you want to donate the proceeds to a charity of your choice?

*Proof of trailer in advance must be provided and will be posted at Bitcoin Macroeconomics for Before and After shots. Advertisers need guarantee that trailers are in motion and require proof of regular long haul routes.

Regional and National options will be available.

Advertisers will be required to provide costs of all cooperative advertising and installation upfront. Likewise cryptocurrency payment must be provided as per agreement (in regular micropayments) or banners will be removed no questions asked.  Keep the payments coming in and your brand awareness will keep on trucking.

Contact Bitcoin Macroeconomics for arrangements or consultation. Payment will be required up front. Please contact to place your orders or to participate in cooperative advertising programs.

All sizes of ads and banners will be considered, big or small. But you know the saying, Go Big or Go Home.

*In the event of a roll over accident, damage, or insurance claim where damage is incurred, Bitcoin Macroeconomics is not responsible and no refund will be available. That will be determined by insurance industry and not this site.

To ensure ongoing honesty, it will be required to establish history of micropayments with cryptocurrency on a frequent basis and once established longer term options may be available.

semitruckwhiteClick for Easy to Understand Guide to Cryptocurrencies!

Please consider getting on your CB and talking this one up!

 $$ may be an option in the future. Right now this is for Crypto!

MMHbannerBitcoin MacroEconomics New Header 3-18-14Click on or Bitcoin Macroeconomics. And keep on truckin!

The Bitcoin Macroeconomics banner above is the Charities Wall. Consider donating today to some great causes or this independent media. Or perhaps consider placing an order to help some great causes or the cause of YOUR choice on YOUR truck!


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