Today’s lesson:
Never SEND Bitcoin (or any cryptocurrency) until your wallet QT is fully sunk (or synchronized).

Why you may ask? Because the transaction will get hung up as unconfirmed. I should have known better. I read that once. So I tried to send Bitcoin while I was like 48 hours out as I am battling with a very slow Bitcoin Wallet QT and I got burned.

I went to advertise my site Bitcoin Macroeconomics at CoinAdvert as I have before. It has always been a very user friendly site, easy enough that even I can do it, but this time I upped my payment inbound after trying the site out. It says Bitcoin is added to the account after 1 confirmation, and usually it was fast. I sent the funds yesterday and hours and hours later, it never showed in the balance. I check this morning, never went through.

I had contacted the Admin at CoinAdvert to figure out what had happened as it never showed up in the balance. In this situation I never got a response and that’s not on CoinAdvert – this is on me! I again offer my apologies to CoinAdvert for wasting their time, and can see why they never responded since my funds never showed up! But I want to take a minute to help inform others NEVER SEND BITCOIN UNTIL THE WALLET IS FULLY SUNK (SYNCHRONIZED)!!!

I saw (before full synch) the debit transaction (in transactions) in RED, and I saw the RED debit transaction (on overview page), but I noticed the ? to the left of the transaction (in transaction). I thought the transaction went through but it still showed as “unconfirmed” whereas all my other transactions (in or out) had a check mark. But not this one, despite the RED debit, and the fact that it showed up. So I fully sunk my wallet and sure enough still a ?

This was my lesson and I won’t get back my Satoshis, nor is this the end of the world, but imagine if it was a significant amount! It would be hard to swallow. In this situation, I am just glad to learn from the lesson and wish to inform others.

I owe a plug to CoinAdvert. Check out their site.

Now I don’t think there is a way to retrieve those funds, so this is probably a write off, but if anybody knows the trick in this situation, please send a comment below and I will look at adding the solution to this problem.

Bitcoin transactions are pretty speedy, especially with a site that adds to account upon 1 confirmation. You start wondering if there was a problem, or worse, that you got ripped off, when in reality, I FAILED! SYNCH THAT WALLET!


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