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So there is enough FREE BITCOIN & Alt Coins on this site that I have no qualms about advocating becoming a College Bookie.

Bitcoin Macroeconomics just updated the Bitcoin Casinos & Sportsbook section, as a few weak hands folded this last year in the world of cryptocurrency. I have DirectBet which has EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING as it relates to sports and horse racing and they have poker. I have PokerShibes, a poker room for Dogecoin. And I have BetChain for casino gaming and lots of Slot Machines. This site will be looking at adding more.

College campuses here’s the deal. You ought to consider becoming a Bitcoin Bookie! Again, there is enough FREE CRYPTO in this post, that it should be about fun and learning some new technology. It should be about taking some bets from your friends and fellow dorm mates (and making a profit) by accepting their cash, show them how easy it is to get a Dogecoin or Bitcoin Address – (if book it in advance) or on the fly at a party.

The point is, you can turn a UFC event or Boxing match, an NBA Championship, a Superbowl, an AFC Championship, a Final Four (March Madness) Tournament, into something very interesting. I don’t care if it’s for a few satoshis, a wager makes it fun. It will add excitement to your party. If you keep it in crypto and no $$$ involved, there is really no regulation in the Wild West of cryptocurrency. But with freedom comes responsibility, so be ethical and gamble responsibly.

Why not have a kegger and invite some friends over for the Belmont Stakes or The Preakness? Encourage your friends to place their bets with you as I bet most have no clue what Bitcoin or Dogecoin is let alone how to circumnavigate the technology. So this is the opportunity.

From UCLA to Florida State, this is a good way to help advance the technology and have some fun. Plus it’s an opportunity for you and your dorm mates to perhaps earn some Bitcoin, Dogecoin, or Dashcoin by offering the service! Try out the sites for yourself and then consider the affiliate programs or referral programs and start booking your own book of business! You are not just limited to a kegger or a Horse Race Party! You can promote the events or links on your social media sites, or consider setting up a website on WIX for free. If a referral keeps playing, you get credit for life, at least that’s how these programs are offered.

Bitcoin Macroeconomics is not responsible for the gambling sites, I am just promoting myself. But why not become a College Bookie? Anybody could start making Monday Night Football more interesting and start taking bets now.

Consider the options with NBA Playoffs. A lot of college kids are broke so why not consider the fun of the Dogecoin or Satoshi betting. I mean you can have all sorts of fun all night long with about 38 cents! Best part about it, you can get them free in the faucets on this site. But where it gets interesting are real bets – and the high roller potential.

Why not offer some bets with the odds shown. Say someone wants to bet on the LA Lakers to win the Series, a year in advance. You can take that bet if the odds are there. What if someone wants to bet the long shot, say on a horse race? Why not offer that or the Trifecta?

Be that guy!

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