Bitcoin Macroeconomics Bounty!!

Bitcoin Macroeconomics would like to offer up the first ever BOUNTY. I know exciting stuff.
Here’s the deal. Bitcoin Macroeconomics is a website that promotes Bitcoin and Alt Coins. Part of that is a belief in sound currency and a competing currency. If you look around the world, ripe with war and debt, it becomes apparent that there is a great need for alternatives. Part of this belief is the acknowledgement that we are sovereign people and thus the right to individual liberty. Inherent in our rights is our right to privacy. Though it is not explicit in the Constitution, it is absolutely inherent in the Bill of Rights. And these rights do not come from government and therefore they cannot be taken away from us.
What the hell does this have to do with the Bitcoin Macroeconomics BOUNTY?
Well with the aforementioned being said, Bitcoin Macroeconomics will not set up an account on Facebook by policy but that is where you come in.
I would like to offer a 250,000 satoshi BOUNTY to the person that sets up a Bitcoin Macroeconomics page on Facebook. Here’s the details.

*For transparency, all details must go through the comment section at the bottom of this page for all to see.
Bitcoin Macroeconomics will need the address to send the coins to.
Please identify yourself and your interest or completion of the page in the comment section, along with your address.

1. Bitcoin Macroeconomics banner (top of page) needs to be displayed as the banner on the page
2. Must be displayed as the website in profile.
3. Must be the first post (so post it!)
4. Page must be set up by end of April for BOUNTY and provided back in link in comment section below.
5. Name of page: Bitcoin Macroeconomics
6. No privacy restrictions

125,000 satoshis will be sent upon completion (provide address and must provide link to page.
125,000 satoshis (balance) will be sent after one month (to ensure the page stays up for one month at least)

Meet these requirements and it’s a done deal.
By policy Bitcoin Macroeconomics may not use Facebook, but will take the advertising.
**Only one bounty, so the first person who completes this gets it. Why I need chronology in the comment section.

I may look at additional bounties for 4 other websites.

You see, it’s one thing to volunteer the information and it’s another to be consciously aware of what is really going on with privacy and the group think that people don’t reasonably expect privacy in the surveillance / police state when they volunteer that private information.

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