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Well I have been around these parts for many moon. As a person that studies the media and blatant propaganda I can assure you that I am well versed in current events. But from Snohomish County there has not been much choice in newpapers. What exists has been disappointing at best.

Let me back up. In this town you had the Seattle Post Intelligencer which was the “left wing” mantra. Then you had the Seattle Times which gave that illusion of the “right wing”. And then within the county there was the Everett Herald which has always been a low grade “left wing” cause, poor on quality, far inferior to the worthless and weak Seattle Post Intelligencer and Seattle Times. I mean, you know what you are going to get. And then there was the Enterprise. I actually like the Enterprise because Chuck Brown took an awesome picture of me sticking it to someone on the mat years ago, but they offered local high school sports and maybe recipes.

I have been around and I consider myself well travelled. I have been to 38 states and with that comes the variety of newspapers that end up at your hotel door in the morning or something you pick up at an airport. So I can say that I have read my share of print. I take the news at face value and have read some decent investigative journalism. But for the most part the news media is filtered and controlled with the same talking points. And that isn’t to say that I haven’t checked into the ownership of some of these newspapers. Sometimes they change hands; they are businesses and get sold to new ownership. But there are trends when you study the editorial message of papers like that owned by McClatchy. I realized McClatchy at one time owned the Everett Herald, the Bellingham Herald, and the Anchorage Daily News.

And you know what, when you study, and it should be no surprise to you by now, that these newspapers have an agenda. Pro government. Pro police. Pro education. Pro every false institution that is a lie in America today. I mean it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that these institutions are corrupt and rotten and are decaying and yet the news agencies keep the lies up in their support. I am sure Saddam Hussein and Mubarak had the same kind of support.

But we have seen newspaper consolidation and we have seen radio and TV consolidation. Again there is this false narrative that there is a left and a right like it’s some Big Time Wrestling match. And there are people that fall for it too. The FCC has been a big part of this consolidation and the limited news people get is brainwashing the general public. Add in a Comcast, you can just sense the limiting of content. Add in the discussion of SOPA or PIPA or those that want to attack net neutrality, it’s quite known what’s going on and whether you like Alex Jones or not, it is INFOWARS as media tries to control what you see and hear, and this is the filtered and controlled nature of media today. They are vying for your mind.

I encourage everybody to be their own media. I know I am and I know why I do it. It’s because I can do it better than what has been seen. The truth hurts. But I have lost all respect for propaganda by inundation, though I study it for a comparison contrast versus reality, and sometimes that includes LIVE STREAMS. And my how it is interesting to see media blackouts or hush hush reporting. I mean I watched live stream of protesters outside a New York Knicks game protesting so loud that you could not dismiss it, so well organized yet spontaneous and they marched down to a Target in a mall at Christmas time and the people shut down Target in protest of the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown.

But at that New York Knicks game was William and Kate and when you watched the news, they didn’t show what was really going on but wanted to talk about irrelevant people and hats. While people were protesting across America upon the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown, the news media didn’t show what was going down on the live streams – that of a POLICE STATE…but rather focused on William and Kate at Ground Zero for a memorial to keep that entire lie going.

But it is interesting to study the media, if you are into that. But in doing so, it is also nauseating, as nauseating as the local newspapers. I can proudly say that I was permanently and still am to this day banned by IP from the Seattle Times comments section as well as the worthless Seattle Post Intelligencer that is so weak that they had to give up the news print after decades and go to just online as they continue to spread their banter for the left wing cause. I had to permanently self censor myself from the local Herald because they censored my comments in the comment section. But you get the point.

Over the years I have picked up on some interesting trends and often the real news is from the comment or blog section of the newspapers! I mean amongst the paid PR and social media that is represented by big government, amongst the left and right hostility and mudslinging, was some actual evidence and facts emerging. And sometimes a bunny trail appears, and sometimes you take that bunny trail.

I have seen some decent reporting and investigative journalism coming out of the in fact if you check it out and go back 2 years or at least to last August, you will find one of the largest scandals that relates to rampant corruption – with 99% of this being avoided by the local papers that protect the criminality and corruption to the extent that it’s like State Run Propaganda like one would expect out of Nazi Germany, and yet there are facts, evidence, and a complete paper trail emerging.

But there is hope. Not in a Hope and Change way. But real hope. On a grassroots level, there is new journalism emerging and here locally there is a new one – the Snohomish County Reporter

There is news sprouting out that is not being reported anywhere else. This isn’t conjecture. This is reporting from citizen journalists and I checked out the website and I am noticing public records emerging. Records are evidence and evidence is what matters. I could quote Marcus Aurelius and say, “The world is truth. The universe is opinion”, but for objective journalism and truth, it is the evidence that is supporting not left wing or right wing bias that just becomes delusional when in reality it’s all a lie, a bold faced lie.

So it is nice to see alternative media. I myself am my own media. I may not be the best, but I am my own media. I am not filtered and controlled. And I will be doing some hard hitting reporting to the best of my ability and will be sure to use documents and supporting evidence and records – for the record.

The truth is going to hurt. It’s going to feel like a dog fight when it’s all done. But the truth will prevail.

Welcome Snohomish County Reporter to the scene of investigative journalism. Continue to report what the local propaganda refuses to expose as they push the agenda and false truths or blatantly ignore stories and evidence altogether in all their protectionism of the status quo – and that goes for a local, state, and federal level.

Consider donating to fund Snohomish County Reporter. There is a GoFundMe banner on the right of the page. Independent journalism deserves to get paid, this isn’t corporate media with corporate sponsors paying for all the of the lies. This isn’t a place where government is often the one paying money monthly for ads and I am not going to contend it is hush money or anything nefarious, certainly isn’t a conflict of interest.

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