Public Records Act is under attack in Washington State – Yet this is what comes back via Public Records Requests

We have the right to question our government. It’s our government. The pubic records act in the State of Washington is under attack as they try to water it down so they can remain unaccountable and they will make all the excuses in the world, I even read some idiot from a School District say that the pubic records requests are a crime against children.

It’s all about the children. Just remember that.

But they will say it’s these “harassers” and “serial requesters” hellbent on wasting time and resources.

Well I support an open and transparent government or we should have no government at all. So I question government. I question if they are even abiding by the law. They have all the resources and have a lot of power, but are they even abiding by the law? I don’t think so. And for that reason I put in some public records requests.

What is justice? What is accountability? Think they will admit it when they are wrong on their own?

Here is an exchange I will be keeping a close eye on.

Speaking of justice, I began studying the Brady Laws (Brady vs Maryland – Supreme Court case) and realized the significance of these laws and the nightmare stories as a result of several cases and people that rot in prison to this day, Leonard Peltier being but one.

These laws are very important and they show the lines in the sand in terms of Constitutionality, and it’s pretty clear both the importance and the requirement of the prosecutor’s office.

Here’s what I got back from the attorney in Redmond… you might care about justice, justice being served, and justice being done, and how “justice” is being carried out locally, with complete protectionism.  I didn’t expect anything different as to the outcome, I mean it’s all right out of a playbook and it’s predictable. It’s just how they are going to get tripped up that I am most concerned with at this point. But this is very relevant to fact that the government and their minions and sellouts are content on gutting the public records act, so they cannot be held accountable to misconduct and criminality and violation of the US Constitution, which includes the right to question your accuser and the right to all exculpatory evidence as required by law as determined by Brady vs Maryland.

OK this is sort of interesting, and thus why I asked for the records. Consider  cities beyond the jurisdiction of a city ….and arrests made with involvement by Redmond and testifying in court (be it K9, drug task force, etc)….as it relates to a known Brady Cop.

Here’s the response I got. Approx 4:19 PM 2-27-15 (Friday)

Hi Brent. I wanted to let you know there are no responsive records from the prosecutor’s office. We are still checking for responsive records within the police department.  I expect to have additional information for you in the next couple weeks.

Thank you for your patience.


The attorney at Redmond comes back and says no responsive records from the prosecutor’s office exist. And I asked for this for a reason, because 1) if the records exist, and the Prosecutor did not provide the records, that is prosecutorial misconduct and (why the WA Bar sent my entire complaint back to me – literally sent the entire packet back to me) and 2) if the records do not exist and they have a known Brady Cop and they do not provide the exculpatory evidence that is prosecutorial misconduct.

If no records exist, then the dog must have ate it or they destroyed public records. And destroying public records in this regard is a Class C Felony.

Brady Laws are on the books because innocent people rot in prison. This one needs close examination.

Here is some other mumbo jumbo and then my response back…..


From: Angela G. Summerfield
Sent: Monday, December 29, 2014 1:15 PM
To: B Woods
Cc: ‘Police Record Requests’; ‘Michelle Hart’
Subject: City of Redmond PRR Dec #24 – 5-day letter


Hello. As you know I am an attorney for the City of Redmond, assisting the City in responding to your public records request to the City received by email, dated December 19, 2014, at 9:57AM.

In accordance with RCW 42.56.520, I am writing to provide you with an estimate of the time anticipated to comply with your request.  You requested the following, and I have added designations for ease of reference.

Dec #24A.  This public records request is asking for all records as it pertains to providing this exculpatory evidence [relating to Brady cop] to outside agencies, cities, or municipalities specifically outside the jurisdiction of the City of Redmond with regards to arrests and court proceedings as required by law, as well as to the defendant(s) in all arrests that resulted in charging the defendant with a crime or accusing the defense of a crime of any sort.

Response:  Due to the number of pending records requests from you and others and workloads at the City, along with significant research to locate these records, the City estimates records responsive to this request, if any, will be available, in whole or in part, by the end of February, 2015. 

Dec #24B.  I am seeking the names and arrest records of any citizen arrested outside the City of Redmond’s jurisdiction as it relates to this issue of sustained record of dishonesty and the requirement to provide all exculpatory evidence as required by law.

Response:  The City requests clarification. Are you looking for arrest records for persons arrested by the “Brady cop” outside the city limits and if any, any prosecutorial record providing notice?  (Please note the City would only have records relating to the City’s prosecutor.)

Dec #24C. To clarify, I am seeking all records that prove the City of Redmond has met this requirement in working beyond the jurisdiction of Redmond in law enforcement, task force activities, etc, with any agency beyond your cities jurisdiction, all which includes the arrest of citizens or testifying by your city or involvement in arrests against any citizen beyond the City of Redmond’s jurisdiction.

Response:  To the extent records responsive to this request can be identified, they will be supplied in response to Dec #24A and #24B above.

Dec #24D. This request is seeking this evidence and public records be it in Mercer Island or anywhere outside the City of Redmond’s jurisdiction.

Response:  Regarding Dec #24D, the City does not maintain the records of other jurisdictions, but to the extent records of other jurisdictions are maintained in City files and responsive to this public records request, those records will be provided.

The records will be provided in electronic format on CD which may be picked up at the police department, or mailed to you after payment of postage and other applicable costs and you providing the City with a mailing address.  If the searches result in a limited number of records, it is possible the records may be sent via electronic mail.

Thank you for your patience as the City works toward completion of your requests.


Angela G. Summerfield  |  Attorney


My response from Friday evening 2-27-15 @ 7:10 PM approx

I wanted to let you know that it is the Prosecutor’s duty and responsibility of office to provide all the exculpatory evidence (if any exists at all) to the defendant or defendant’s attorney. It is the prosecutor’s office that is responsible for these records (and to the extent that it relates to the public records request) as by the very oath of office, these records you say there are no responsive records.

So let the record reflect that, and I will look forward to the completion of this request. And I’ll be paying very close attention to this one.


Now remember that the public records act RCW 42.56 in Washington State is under attack. I mean they will go through great lengths to hide behind the law, lawyers, and they even tried to deny the requests, and I suppose that is their right, but I knew these “records” are identifiable and I stood my ground and obviously won out. Now let’s see the god damn records.

Their first response on this one is that no responsive records exist from the prosecutor’s office. Maybe we need to examine Brady vs Maryland a bit more and determine if the city is even abiding by the law or if the prosecutor has committed prosecutorial misconduct. I don’t think my public records request is too far out of line, because again, this is all how innocent people rot in prison. And that is why it is the prosecutor’s duty to provide exculpatory evidence, but so far, no responsive records exist.

My ass.


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  1. Brandia
    March 1, 2015 at 2:02 am

    They have books & courses they teach each other on how to get around EVER giving up any records, now they are creating more laws to destroy our ability to get those records. They are all snakes.

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