IndexCoin – Stage 1 Project

Like any ideas or concepts, they must start from an idea and begin at a Stage 1.
I have an idea, or concept, and it’s in proof of concept stage, but the idea has merit.

I would like to establish a cryptocurrency, IndexCoin. This cryptocurrency is an index of cryptocurrencies by percentage of coins and I want to kick this off by establishing some coins to be indexed in the ultimate trading coin. I would genuinely like to find investors and developers over time to make this project a reality.

Since the coins are owned by the owners of IndexCoin, the blockchain technology will be utilized by the owners of IndexCoin and the blockchain technologies will be tied together so one coin has all the capabilities, a daunting task actually, yet conceivably possible.

This coin will bring value based on the trading aspect, but the value will be in the blockchain technologies that will be utilized with one coin.

I would like to find traction and work with others. The percentages of coin to be utilized can change over time and coins can be entered in or removed depending on valuations and developments, that is the beauty of an indexed cryptocurrency. But given the volatility of the market, this particular cryptocurrency stands to bring great value and market capital in time, if not in years. It would be great to develop such a coin with others and become a leader in the marketplace. Are you interested in this from a development or investment standpoint? The valuations and platform could be utilized to further fund development but would need strong management and integrity or there is no point in even discussing it further. With this comes the need for absolute security – and that takes know how and best practice. This is the ultimate in creating opportunity and I hope to create an opportunity for myself and many others with this stage 1 project. The first thing that needs to come from such a project is interest and traction but then project management would require investment and communication. But I can say that you have not heard of an indexed cryptocurrency and if you have, you heard about it via Bitcoin Macroeconomics.

I do have some wild cards for cryptocurrencies that could be added, but the coin is not developed yet, but that would be the nature in general, and I do believe this would take consensus and from board members essentially.

How would the allocations look (let alone how would the blockchain technology be tied together?)

Hypothetically and something to consider…

Bitcoin 20%
Darkcoin 20%
Hypercoin 10%
Dogecoin 10%

This scenario brings us to 60% of the required 100% for an indexed coin. The remaining 40% would require other coins, consensus, and that may tie to ease and ability of tying those blockchain technologies into the IndexCoin. But this is where it could get interesting and it will.

If the other coins go up in value, IndexCoin would go up in value accordingly and based on allocation or percentage of coin to the index. Likewise, if Indexcoin where to go up in value, that could correlate to the valuation of the indexed coins, though that would remain to be seen.

This would bring rise to strong partnerships and innovation, but alliances should be formed nonetheless. Alliances should not be formed simply with cryptocoins or developers, but with other innovators and investors. Others would benefit from the technology and I would like to see if any exchanges,tip bot programs, and security or cold storages would be interested in forming an alliance and working towards developing IndexCoin and working at arriving at the percentages while looking at first rounds to invest in tying the blockchain technologies together.

This is the ultimate in grass roots job creation and innovation and these sorts of jobs should be able to be spread around the globe and not hoarded in some urban center controlled by elites.

If you are interested in forming an alliance, developing, or investing, contact me and let me know what you bring to the table and what stake you can bring in advancing this from a Stage 1 concept and into IndexCoin – the leading market cap trading cryptocurrency. I’d like to take things from hypothetical to Stage 2.

And now the move towards Stage 2

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