Champion Jones Defends Against Hungry Cormier at UFC 182

Last night marked a big fight in MMA history. There was a lot of hype and drama leading up to this fight, a fight where the two fighters really didn’t like each other and there was a lot on the line…namely a championship belt and a lot of pride.

It was a hard fought fight. I happened to have took the odds on the underdog (Cormier) and lost some Doge and Bitcoin. But I can’t fault myself for taking the odds or the risk. The fight just didn’t go Cormier’s way. It could have.

Though it was a decisive victory for Jones, Cormier had a battle on his hands and had to take it to the champion. He had to close the distance …that of a 12 inch reach advantage by Jones. So it was a given that Cormier would need to move in to get away from the leverage and the danger of strikes. What did not happen was take downs or taking it to the ground. That is not to say that Cormier did not try, it was just not easy given the physique of Jones or the size and lankiness of Jones.

Cormier was taken down, for the first time in his MMA career. And then he was taken down again. At one point, Cormier did put every bit of strength in picking up Jones for the possible slam or takedown, but he spent a lot of energy fighting Jones sprawl but once up, he threw Jones to the ground, only to have him bounce right back up.

Cormier was rocking Jones in the clinch and with uppercuts. Jones can be defeated, it just appears it would not be easy, and Cormier looked spent after 2 rounds. It’s not easy going allĀ  out at 260 pounds in a championship bout. I trained in MMA for many years and started at 240 lbs. It’s not easy when you are exhausted packing that weight, but it did get easier when I dropped to around 200, but normally trained at 210, but then again I never trained for a championship match that lasted 5 – 5 minute rounds. There is a reason Cormier was tired.

Jones proved his arsenal once again. His Muay Thai elbows are dangerous, if not because KO, then because of slicing and dicing, although that did not happen last night. But the elbows were present. The knees were a factor and when Cormier came inside as he had to, Jones made him pay with knees. Jones was also afffective in keeping Cormier up against the fence while they clinched and pummelled and dirty boxed. But Cormier had to take it to the champ and he did. He just didn’t win. There was a lot of heart in the fight, but hats off to the defender of the belt.

Jones was very resilient against a world class wrestler, but then again he is a world class wrestler himself. He had a hard fight with the belt on the line, but he proved he deserves the belt once again.

I didn’t catch the post fight interview, although I should check it out. But I can assure you there will be a rematch. Though I am disappointed I lost some Doges and Bitcoin, I am not disappointed with the fight. Overall was a decent night of fights, minus the women’s fight, although that was one sided, and can’t take anything away from the victor in that performance.

And how about those kicks by Cowboy? I have a feeling he’s done that to people with Cowboy boots on. But those kicks at the end will go down in the highlights.

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