Namecoin and Shortened URL .Bit – Monetize your content and fight censorship

I was discussing with my friend tonight Namecoin possibilities and he also is well versed on the potential technology that will arise with Namecoin. I want to discuss this proof of concept as it revolves around shortened URLs.


What the shortened URLs allow for is the .bit technology to redistribute the capabilities of stopping censorship. You first need to realize the capabilities of Namecoin.

We then discussed the possibilities of the development of PHP and a host server for running the program for developing the script and algorithms, some basic calculator stuff to develop splits and payments on a per click basis.

I threw out an open source project as it would only take a few months, the downside is with Namecoin would be 3rd parties could steal the domains literally, so that would need to be worked out. Shortened URLs could be allowed and blocks of Namecoin could be offered in advertising for redistribution basically on a per click basis. Everybody who shortens the URL to .bit capabilities is capable of earning a cut as would up the line, all while .bit blocks censorship of the net.

It was mentioned that the calculations and algorithms could be set up for the development for a percent of the per click basis or shortened URL or blocks being sold in advance. It was just some BS talk over a beer about per clicks. Bitcoin couldn’t offer this, Darkcoin could not, but Namecoin could. That is not to say the same script couldn’t be used for Bitcoin, but the benefit in net freedom is in the .bit as every .Bit shortened URL blocks censorship, right on down the line.

That’s about as far as the conversation made it, but proof of concept nonetheless. Consider why you would want to promote net freedom and anti censorship. Then consider the potential on a per click basis or via shortened URL.

We were just talking about how the developer could set this up third party with percentages and referrals programs being built right into wholesalers or advertisers down to those shortening the URLs, and those promoting the service.


PHP Tutorial ….by Eli the Computer Guy

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