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My goal is to steer 10 crypto freaks to CryptoInfinity. Why? Because I can.

Cryptocurrency offers a unique technology and community. This is an alternative currency and obviously the world needs alternatives. Bitcoin and alt coins may not be THE solution, but it’s a tool in the tool belt to fight the status quo. This is the Wild West and it’s better to stick together in numbers. At least there are sites like CryptoInfinity that offers a place to go and learn, learn from others, and learn about all things crypto, including new developments and security. They also offer rewards.

Bitcoin Macroeconomics is but one site, bred out of the pursuit of learning new things and is intended for the enthusiast and beginner alike. There is a lot of hard hitting politics and economics as well.

I believe in free press and this is about taking out the status quo, including the mainstream media and their lies and propaganda that has taken society in the wrong direction, along with a fake 2 party system. This site reaps what it sows and practices what it preaches, and that includes being your own media.

It is not easy to be your own media let alone get compensated for it. But together via driving traffic and sharing content, the message gets out, while undermining the failed economic policies that persist and will continue to get worse, despite the lies from the 2 fake parties and their henchmen in the lamestream. For this I will support those that offer alternatives and educational material and a place to go versus the lost soul that believes what is coming out of that TV.

Remember to tell them btcmacroecon sent you! I just want to get 10 people in the world. That’s a pretty light goal, plus I get a reward. Compare that to the person that just gets commercials and brainwash and lies sitting in front of the TV. Unite!

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