CoinURL – Monetize your content. Earn BTC

The 2 above links are examples of what you can do with your own content or any URLs (articles etc). The first is my FREE CRYPTO section, the second is an example of Bitcoin Battle, a Bitcoin Game (faucet).

You could sign up via the FREE CRYPTO section, change up to your own URL, change up to the CoinURL and literally start bringing in Bitcoin more than one way.

When the Liberals and Neocons get all stupid in the next election fraud, believe me I’ll place some of these CoinURLs in the right place and make some Bitcoin.

You kind of need to play around with the CoinURL site. Took me a little while to analyze it, but basically you go to Earn section and go down to shorten URL and then you input the URL link you want to shorten, hit enter and it gives you 2 choices. Copy and paste it and put it on social media or whatever. I kind of needed to shorten my URLs anyways because they are so long from my titles in my blog section and have been going to WordPress for the short link but said oh yah, I have that CoinURL account, might as well tap on that too. it’s not the sort of thing you can quit your day job doing, but if you are an avid social media artist, just a way to get free Bitcoin.

I’m kind of into statistical analysis so that’s the best part about CoinURL.


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