Caught on Camera ….and FIRED and in jail – Justice comes in many forms

I really don’t have any use for them. Maybe I am jaded. Years ago I had a cop tell me to relax 3 times while being frisked on hood of his car. After telling me to relax the 3rd time, the cop took me by my shoulder and back of my head (hair) and smashed my face on the hood of the car. I’ve been provoked, threatened, had an electric wand pulled on me (whipped it) after one backhanded a gal in the face after they threw her boyfriend in the snow and lumped on him only to handcuff him and pick him clear off the ground by his arms that were handcuffed. What are you supposed to just take it like this kid did?

The neighbor told the arriving cops to not park in their driveway and said they saw the whole thing. The cop said “Oh yah, why don’t you call a cop?” We counted nearly 30 cars that arrived after one backhanded that gal in front of like 30 guys. We were just playing in the snow being stupid kids.

Not everybody has a camera on the spot, but this cop got fired and went to jail (in the video).

Get a camera and mount it at least in your car. Know how to turn it on. Never should have gone this far.

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