Copy Machine & Printer Hard Drives and Bitcoin Private Keys…

I have been working on some security issues, basically crossing that proverbial bridge and just doing it. It doesn’t all come together at once, but the lessons keep coming with the cryptocurrency technology.

I recently realized I needed to do a better job of security and I have had some issues in the past but I realize I need to keep learning from the past and this will help in the future. You don’t want to have problems or security issues with this technology, so be prepared. Take care of the problems before they happen. This technology can be a fun hobby or it can burn you.

I want to address an important issue and it is based on a video I saw related to hard drives on copy machines and printers. The video I saw was related to government copy machines and printers from a police department, so one has to wonder about all copy machines and printers, be it at the public library or your own printer.

The video was discussing how all the hard drives of the copy machines were capturing all details  and when the City got rid of their printers, that’s when the news crew did an investigative report on the copy machines and the information they got off the copy machines and printers were alarming. From the hard drives of the copy machines and printers they obtained personal social security numbers, and so much more. So research this aspect as it relates to your security with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and your private keys, etc.

You will hear it again and again to never give your private keys to anyone. But do consider what happens if you copy your private keys off of a printer or copy machine. Perhaps you didn’t realize the hard drive aspect, but perhaps some day you will be a Dogecoin Millionaire….and those private keys could end up in some scrap pile in some 3rd world countries junk yard. I say this, because this is what is happening.

You may not be aware of the potential loss if someone were to gather your private keys. Bitcoin Macroeconomics just wants to mention this aspect to give you something to think about.

I needed to gather my private keys and had to go down the list and retrieve the private keys. Perhaps you are new to Bitcoin or a veteran. The security risks are the same and there is best practice.

I needed to get my private keys (help —>debug window—–>console…and then I had to enter dumpprivkey and then the receive address, hit enter and wa la) and there was a private key for each receive address, there is not one. I needed to get that information to protect my coins!

I thought about the copy machine / printer hard drive and the fact that these keys could very well end up being retrieved out of a hard drive at the scrap yard. Not saying that worse things have happened, but just saying.

If you are going to dive into this technology, be prepared. Learn back up, learn how to save to thumbdrive, etc, but keep learning. I know I am still learning and learning from some mistakes I have made, but that’s how you learn. I also want to help educate others so they learn from my mistakes and what I have discussed. Everybody evolves at a different pace, but have you thought about the copy machines or printer hard drives? I didn’t think so, so this is why I wanted to write about it.


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