UFC Fighting Words: Jon Jones v Daniel Cormier. Place your bets for 1-3-15

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Saturday, January 3rd 2015: Click below for the Tale of the Tape:


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Bitcoin Macroeconomics will provide more on UFC 182 and the fight card in time, but for now you can get going with free crypto and your wallets and gear up to place your bets. Check back.


12-24-14 (from DirectBet)

Event : Jones v Cormier

Start Time : 01/03/2015 19:00

Competition : UFC

Bet Type : Moneyline

Your Selection : Jon Jones @ 1.56

Max Stake : 1 BTC


Event : Jones v Cormier

Start Time : 01/03/2015 19:00

Competition : UFC

Bet Type : Moneyline

Your Selection : Daniel Cromier @ 2.46

Max Stake : 1 BTC


OK, here’s an example (oldie, but good example!) This example shows in terms of $Dollars NOT Bitcoin or cryptocurrency, but you get the picture. Credit for example goes to: http://www.ufcbetting.com/betting-guides/the-basics-of-mma-ufc-betting/

The basics of MMA betting are simple:  the sportsbook offers moneyline odds on each competitor in a fight and you pick the winner.  If your fighter wins, you cash the bet.  For example, here are some odds on the upcoming UFC 134 main event between Anderson Silva and Yushin Okami:

Anderson Silva -430
Yushin Okami  +345

To bet on Silva a player much lay $430 to win $100.  To bet on the underdog Okami you’ll receiver $345 in return for every $100 wagered should he prevail.   If Silva wins, you’ll get $530 back from the bookmaker (your $430 stake plus $100 profit) and if Okami wins you’ll receive $445 (your $100 stake plus $345 profit). For the purpose of basic moneyline betting the method of victory doesn’t matter—if your fighter wins by KO, TKO, submission, decision or disqualification you win your bet.  Although some sportsbooks offer prop bets with big moneyline payouts in the event of a draw, basic straight wagers return your bet in the event of a draw or ‘no contest’.

So if you were to bet on the current odds (dated 12-24-14….)

If you bet 1 Bitcoin on Jon Jones (favored @1.56) you would get 1.56 Bitcoin back if he won straight across. Bitcoin Macroeconomics does not like these odds.

If you bet 1 Bitcoin on Daniel Cormier (underdog @2.46) you would win 2.46 Bitcoin . Bitcoin Macroeconomics is betting on Daniel Cormier. I bet at DirectBet and have bet there before, very easy and user friendly.

For latest odds, check out the links to DirectBet provided above.

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