Tight on Christmas cash? Get them set up with a Bitcoin Wallet Address and coin in 3 minutes free


Step by step instructions on how to get a RECEIVE wallet address for Bitcoin and a place to keep them in Bleutrade Exchange Account. All FREE.

Want to go over the top on your Christmas present? Get them set up on other coins too. Step by steps. The gift of knowledge keeps on giving and helps others learn cryptocurrency. Cut out cheap cheap gifts from foreign lands, cut out taxation that funds the police state and corruption, cut out VISA and Mastercard, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase. Cut out the commercialization

Give them a hand made card with the promise to help them. Will take you 3 minutes or less, or 3 minutes per coin I should say. This beats things that people don’t need, sox, ties, or all the stuff that just has to get returned. Cut the crap.

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