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The Bundy Ranch – The Interview I Never Got

The following is for an interview I had lined up but got no response to. I figured, why not run it anyways? Looking into current events, there may be reason as to why there was a no show.

I picked up on the Bundy Ranch situation within the first 24 hours and was aware of what was going on thanks to alternative media. It is my belief that there are people serious in this country to defend liberty, inherent rights, property, and life. So what makes you Official Security for the Bundy Ranch versus nothing better to do, just showing up, and calling yourself “militia”? What is the difference of between being “militia” versus defending liberty, inherent rights, property, and life, in this situation?

From my perspective, I didn’t see a great deal about the Bundy situation on mainstream media. I picked up on CNBC saying that Bundy’s comments weren’t much of a victory, which was atypical of CNBC and their left wing trash. Fox News on the other hand, when I analyzed it, showed a different perspective. That being said do you think the reporter from Fox News that approached the BLM was doing so for a photo op moment? I do. Would you have had his back? I wouldn’t have. Not from what I had seen. Any further comment on that approach of the BLM?

Besides that idiot, what can you tell me about the alternative media on hand? I think we all know mainstream media can’t be trusted, no matter if Fox News or any of the others, care to comment?

It is my belief, that the Federal Government was there to incite violence and to create a situation of politically motivated violence, and in turn call out people who take the rights of man seriously as Domestic Terroritsts. Do you believe the BLM and the Federal Government were inciting violence or is there any question in your mind that this was not politically motivated violence, I mean the Federal Government was pointing guns at American Citizens?

Do you believe that the tazering that went on and throwing a woman in her 50’s to the ground was instigated to incite violence against the American people? I do not believe law enforcement anywhere should have tazers and the video footage I saw epitomizes my belief. Do you believe that law enforcement anywhere should have tazers or do you think it has gone too far to the extent they need to be outlawed nationwide? I believe law enforcement has the right to self defense and to carry a weapon, as all Americans deserve the right to self protection and self defense, but from what I saw the Federal Government and the BLM looked like they were foreign paramilitary within the borders of the United States and they were pointing guns at American citizens. What was your perspective on what you saw?

I mentioned earlier that I believed this was politically motivated violence and the inciting of violence for political reasons. We all know that the government has an agenda, to grab guns and to further attack the Second Amendment. Do you feel this was a stunt to further that agenda?

I believe the government has overstepped it’s boundaries, and this entire situation demonstrates just that. The Feds were on steroids and tried ramming it down the throats of freedom loving Americans that they are not only the LAW, but ABOVE THE LAW, and will go to great lengths to show they had the court order, but I know as well as many others that our courts are as corrupt as they can be. What is your take on the court order and the great lengths the Feds went to prove their authority?

I have to believe that the government has insiders that infiltrated the militia members and those that came out in support of the Bundy family. That’s how they operate. They would do this to make hard examples out of everybody, so how easy was it for people to keep their cool given the situation, and would you be lead to believe that side opposite the Feds were infiltrated by Federal Agents? Do you believe that is still possible to this day? I wasn’t there, but I would say this is highly probable. What’s your take?

I believe that the United States sovereign debt is being racked up purposefully by corrupt government, and it’s both sides, not just the Harry Reid left. I believe that with this debt there are structural adjustment policies being exercised to the extent of a land grab as seen. It is my belief that the lands are being taken for collateral on the debt. I heard that this land was to be used by a Chinese ran solar farm and that it had ties to Harry Reid’s son? Could there or is there any truth to this or is this just rumored? Do you believe this was a Federal land grab? Would you believe this has anything to do with Agenda 21? What’s your take on all of this?

I read of mass graves for cattle and I saw loaders halling half rotten cattle away and heard helicopters of the Feds were driving cattle and scared calves so bad that some died. Is any of this true? I did not see or witness this and only saw pictures and some that showed cattle with bullet holes. Tell me this was not photo op or propaganda. What really went on with the cattle and how did the calves die, if this is true? How many cattle are known to have died? How many calves were known to have died? If they died, how were they killed. I think the world needs to know to what extent this was played out.

I think the American people on the side of the Bundy’s showed great restraint. What do you think?

From what I saw, Mr. Cliven Bundy’s words were taken out of context in the mainstream media to make him look bad and to make him look racist, but when you go back and watch footage, like that as seen from Ben Swann, etc, they showed the entire clip and the context changed dramatically. Do you think this was a sad attempt by mainstream media to justify this land grab and politically motivated violence and the inciting of violence on the American people? From what I saw, Mr. Bundy is old school and uses words that are not politically correct and thus the context was twisted to propagandize the entire event. What is your opinion?

What is the going on now? I really have lost track of where things stand or is there still a standoff situation?

I have heard some comments by Harry Reid calling some in your group “Domestic Terrorists” and that “this is not over” or something to that extent. Do you believe that Harry Reid should be made to apologize to the American public on the floor of the Senate?

I know first hand that the courts cannot be trusted and lies. What is this legal dispute over now? What is it going to take for this to end peacefully?

I saw a hostile event provoked by the government and it seems that the government has broken the law and is on the wrong side of the law on this one, in fact it was a shameful act. Has the Federal Government backed off or is this still a hostile situation?

I wasn’t aware that there were security there to this day. How long do you suppose this will last, and again, what is it going to take for a peaceful resolution?

Thank you for your time and the interview. (Use the space between questions to answer please, I will edit as required)

RIP John Quade

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