Blockchain Technology for Public Records

Blockchain Technology IS the solution for an unaccountable government that runs under the skirts of their lapdog media when the light gets too bright.

For all those that piss and moan about the cost to taxpayers, consider the lawsuits that amass because of the stunts of corrupt government. Imagine what they are covering up. Imagine what they shredded. Imagine what they lost for good. Important public records from property to dash cam video, surveillance tapes, complaints,  to all public records – they can all be preserved on the blockchain for public integrity. Right now there is NONE. Plus this eliminates human error or deception. It’s a win win for society.

This is the solution and it will save taxpayers collectively millions of dollars annually. With this technology, the public can not only preserve the records but they can have access to them, for good. Plus you don’t have to pay the blockchain a pension. And the blockchain doesn’t lie or hide behind a lawyer or under the skirt of the media.

Mention this to government and they will run like Sleestaks from the light. I don’t think they deserve to make any sorry ass excuses. They work for us. Obviously it’s time to clean up their cess pool. Instead of using the technology against us, how about we use it for what it should be used for, in this case, to preserve public records.

If you want to learn more about how this technology will clean up the filth, learn blockchain technology and the capabilities.

There is something coming known as Alexandria which will be used to preserve all media as we know it to preserve historical record. The folks at Blocktech have been working on this and it’s coming. I wonder if Blocktech has considered how this technology could be used to clean up government and quit their whining about costs to taxpayers, end the cover ups in the legal department, and sell it to the taxpayers to benefit society and complement the public record, in all it’s preservation.


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    • woodman
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      If you go to the bottom right under Meta, and look for RSS Entries, click it, that allows you to subscribe, now I’ve never done it, but I believe that would work.
      I had a social media bar that popped up and I have it on some pages, but with all the bells and whistles it really slowed things down, so I removed the script. If you have a twitter “button” or script that you recommend, let me know and I will look at adding it.
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