FREE Bitcoin Contests! Ore-Mine – Win or lose you get your own mine!

Bitcoin Macroeconomics is running a couple of contests for free Bitcoin over at the FB page. Search it out. One is for Ore-Mine and the other is for up to three lucky winners while they earn free Bitcoin and other cryptos.

The Ore-Mine will go until 10 people sign up. Someone has to make a move! There has to be 9 losers! Sign up a few people and get there and claim your prize! All while trying our your NEW MINE!

The other program, has 3 ways to win, so go find the details, this will end at NOON 12 PST tomorrow if anybody sees this and wants to win the free Satoshis and get one winner gets 4 URL’s up on Bitcoin Macroeconomics FREE CRYPTO section through December 31st, 2014. If anybody taps on winner’s link in this period the winner gets credit and satoshis will get sent to your address so long as that person plays via your link, thus the real estate opportunity.

Trying a fun promotion to help others earn free Bitcoin, let them learn the technology, and these are all steps to moving Bitcoin more mainstream. Might as well do it with free crypto!

Details at FB page! Find it.

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