MSFT skips Windows 9 and goes straight to 10 and the stock will lose more than 50%

Bitcoin Macroeconomics is on the record of predicting that Microsoft’s stock will lose more than half it’s value – 60% or more in 5 years or less, because the company lacks consistency and quality product. Skipping 9 and going to 10 is the icing on the cake, they could go straight to 15 and it wouldn’t even make a difference.

Globalism is not cool. I don’t care to associate with anybody that thinks it’s cool or plays into it. A billionaire class that funds vaccination programs worldwide and somehow is gung ho on overpopulation creeps me out, in fact add the twist of Planned Parenthood to the mix, it seems more like some creepy depopulation agenda. Continue on with laying off workers, while fighting for importing foreign workers while pushing for tax breaks, well it’s not a model, it’s a disgusting array of corporate fascism.

Add in some more back doors and malicious code and act like you don’t know about it. Hell fund Common Core.

Add in the funding of anti gun legislation, I’ll tell everybody to drop MSFT like a bad habit and make an immediate switch to Linux.


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