Thank you TOP DAILY COUPONS for picking up on Bitcoin Macroeconomics

Bitcoin Macroeconomics would like to thank TOP DAILY COUPONS for picking up on the Bitcoin Macroeconomics site.

I believe that free cryptocurrency paid hourly, daily, or every 5 minutes would be of benefit for the coupon cutting mom’s and dad’s or college kids, or about anybody out there! Free is free! While coupons are nice and saving money helps the bottom line, acquiring cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, will also add to the bottom line. And if you take a look at the price of Bitcoin when it first came out a few years back and compare it to where it has been and where it is at today…..more so where it is going to go….Bitcoin Macroeconomics believes that free cryptocurrencies will complement all that coupon clipping. Next thing you know, they will be honing in on all the high tech, setting up Wallet QT’s, setting up their crypto mining rigs, and setting off for the pump in the crypto trading markets, mastering arbitrage. Think I am kidding?

We’ve all seen the amazing work done by coupon clippers, walking away with all sorts of free merchandise, but just wait and see what these same people can walk away with after snatching up all the free cryptos. I think it all may just pay off with increased purchasing power, and if they get lucky, they may just buy their own grocery store chain. Time will tell.



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