Medical Patients in Washington State Getting Thrown Under the Bus

The pure greed of the Democrats and the could care less attitude of the GOP (you know USA USA …freedom with their exception) is causing patients to get thrown under the bus in Washington State as the State government tries to strip medical cannabis patients rights away and force them into the 502 system because they can’t see past the taxation. Not so much that they lied about the issue so much for decades, it’s that now they want to control it via the Washington State Liquor Control Board. And their harassment is coming via the revenue collectors.

Any Bitcoin Whales want to step up and silently fund logistics of some political action? Can you fund tickets to an event, bus rides, or even a Bitcoin billboard that defends human rights? The medical cannabis community could use the help going up against the machine and the elitists that control everything while diminishing human rights and compassion.

Not asking this to come to me. Asking for help to send Bitcoin to appropriate organization, and take this fight outside the 2 party charade. Will you stand for human rights and do so with Bitcoin?

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