High Times US Cannabis Cup – September 6-7 in Seattle


Ain’t just Amsterdam any more. Bitcoin Macroeconomics endorses economic freedom and emerging technologies, that which will set us free. It doesn’t get any better than this, until it is just legalized and we rid ourselves of the corrupt intentions of the tax and spenders that thwart the effort of economic freedom. Add in some cryptocurrency and cut em all out, banksters included. It is time to continue the fight against prohibition and put people back to work with “real” jobs. Talking a localized economy and sustainable development, and not in an Agenda 21 way that the 2 party system is ushering in along with the NGO’s and the UN who also spouts off about the states (or Uraguay) that have moved towards decriminalization.

I wonder if High Times will consider accepting Bitcoin? I’ll have to put in the call and ask.

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