Bitcoin Macroeconomics On Line Gaming & Casino Games – A Private Label

I understand the emergence of the on line gaming and Bitcoin casinos. I have set up some sportsbooks and gambling sites that accept cryptocurrency and from the back office can see the activity, which for the most part is slow, although one site has been doing exceptionally well in terms of wagers, then again the site is very user friendly and the ease of betting is easier than I had imagined.

I am looking at expanding these sites as other cryptocurrencies come on board, and I am seeking sites that accept Dogecoin – not just Bitcoin, but also looking for sites that accept other alt coins. I had one, SatoshiBet but I gave them the boot. There was no reason in promoting their site when they point blank didn’t answer specific questions I had 3 times in a row, and I gave them the benefit of the doubt and the opportunity, as I figured there may be a language barrier perhaps or I was dealing with a non decision maker, but in the end, they didn’t answer my questions, so they got the boot.

What I expect to happen, in time, is that you will see a plethora of on line gaming sites seeking investment – investment that will allow “private label” casinos – meaning directing people to their own casinos. To be honest with you, I do not want the liability and nor do I have any “legal” expertise or understanding of running an on line casino, whether or not you recognize on line cryptocurrency sites as “gambling” at all, in this unregulated world of the wild west. That being said, I still foresee a time when I can get a “private label” casino in the name of Bitcoin Macroeconomics – one with the ability to be in name only but steered to the operators of the cryptocurrency gaming development. So let it be known, that is what I am seeking – the “HOUSE BRAND” – Bitcoin Macroeconomics.

So that is my prediction in time, that I will bypass any “investment” into establishment of my own casino. I will in time find a reputable company to work with that adheres to ethics and is in full compliance of laws and do what they do best, while offering a “private label” Bitcoin Macroeconomics site that they operate in partnership, while my site steers and directs traffic for mutual benefit and I in turn can promote it.

Build it and people will come. This is like the Las Vegas Strip baby. I remember being in Vegas when they were building the New York New York and many other casinos and given the saturation, I was wondering how it could be possible – in all grandeur. But it didn’t matter how many casinos were in Vegas, people were playing at all hours of the day and night, while there were always some high rollers.

As cryptocurrencies take off and people understand how they work, break through the technology and get their wallets established, and this will take some time, on line gaming and cryptocurrency will continue to fuel a multi billion dollar market, likewise, cryptocurrencies will tap into that market.

Bitcoin Macroeconomics realizes the infancy of crypto gambling yet the market potential. I look forward to the day of partnering with others that take this unique step in expansion for mutual benefit – that of establishing brand names to cut into the profits of the gambling industry. While Lyndsey Graham takes lobbyist money to attempt to ban on line gaming, I can assure you that others stand up for freedom. I can assure you that others do not stand up to bribery and patron clientelism.  I can assure you that some of us stand up for free market capitalism. This is why Bitcoin Macroeconomics is seeking partnership to drive traffic to it’s own tables and pulls of the one arm bandits.

Add in some entertainment, some MMA, (wish I could snap my fingers for some cocktail waitresses….and a swimming pool….but I can’t) and some new options and new coins, this on line cryptocurrency market is going to take off while becoming a competing force with the tribal casinos and Vegas baby. After all, it should be fair competition, not controlled. It should be about freedom and freedom of choice. After all, we are talking cryptocurrency – of course there is no threat to tapping into the profit stream of Vegas. Isn’t that right Mr. Graham? Or course you are not concerned with on line in general cutting into the profits are you? Like everything else, it’s all about the children.

If anybody is interested in an affiliation program for Bitcoin Macroeconomics, while still driving people to your site, and sees the mutual benefit of it, let me know. I realize this may take a few years, but it will happen. I like the idea of my own casino in name only – on line, ran by pros, and no I wouldn’t invest a dime in it. I realize it’s as easy as a widget change and a URL. That’s customer service and a win win. If anybody is interested, I’d like to give SatoshiBet a run for their cryptocurrency.

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