3D Printing Filaments – Both ABS & PLA – 1.75 mm & 3 mm

 1.75 mm and 3 mm (ABS & PLA Filaments) 

*Please select size (1.75mm or 3mm before check out). Product specifications and packing details available when you click on image or link.

** Free shipping all orders over $100

*** 15% off your order with Coupon Code: FC15 – Subject to expiration. See terms and conditions by clicking link and verify discount and order upon check out.

Black ABS FilamentBlack ABS Filament

Black PLA FilamentBlack PLA Filament

Blue ABS FilamentBlue ABS Filament

Blue PLA FilamentBlue PLA Filament

Brown ABS FilamentBrown ABS Filament


Brown PLA FilamentBrown PLA Filament


Chocolate PLA FilamentChocolate PLA Filament

Clear ABS FilamentClear ABS Filament

Clear PLA FilamentClear PLA Filament

Khaki ABS FilamentKhaki ABS Filament

Khaki PLA FilamentKhaki PLA Filament

Lime Green ABS FilamentLime Green ABS Filament


Lime Green PLA Filament Lime Green PLA Filament

Magenta ABS FilamentMagenta ABS Filament

Magenta PLA FilamentMagenta PLA Filament

Natural ABS FilamentNatural ABS Filament

Natural PLA FilamentNatural PLA Filament

Navy Blue ABS FilamentNavy Blue ABS Filament

Navy Blue PLA FilamentNavy Blue PLA Filament

Olive ABS FilamentOlive ABS Filament

Olive PLA FilamentOlive PLA Filament

Orange ABS FilamentOrange ABS Filament

Orange PLA FilamentOrange PLA Filament

Pink ABS FilamentPink ABS Filament

Pink PLA FilamentPink PLA Filament

Purple ABS FilamentPurple ABS Filament

Purple PLA FilamentPurple PLA Filament

Red ABS FilamentRed ABS Filament

Red PLA FilamentRed PLA Filament

Royal Blue ABS FilamentRoyal Blue ABS Filament

Royal Blue PLA FilamentRoyal Blue PLA Filament

Silver ABS FilamentSilver ABS Filament

Silver PLA FilamentSilver PLA Filament

Sky Blue ABS FilamentSky Blue ABS Filament

Tan ABS FilamentTan ABS Filament

Tan PLA FilamentTan PLA Filament

White ABS FilamentWhite ABS Filament

White PLA FilamentWhite PLA Filament

Yellow ABS FilamentYellow ABS Filament

Yellow PLA FilamentYellow PLA Filament







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