DirectBet Review – A Lesson in Bitcoin Betting


I wanted to try out for a couple of reasons. Number 1, here at Bitcoin Macroeconomics, I don’t want to merely promote companies and business models that accept Bitcoin, but I want to ensure integrity and ease of transaction. So I found a fight for UFC 172 Rockhold vs Boestch.

I wanted to compare odds and checked out what Vegas had randomly and then I went to Cloudbet, but they weren’t even taking the bet for this fight, so I went to DirectBet. I had to read up on “British” odds making, as it is spelled out a little different than Vegas. The favorite was Rockhold @ 1.1 and Boestch was the underdog at 7. After further research the odds changed to 1.1 (Rockhold) to 7.6 (Boestch) and i went with the odds on the underdog, besides, I was supporting a local fighter, one trained by Matt Hume, one of the best in the sport of MMA.

I had to give a RECEIVE Bitcoin address. I had to send Bitcoin to the address provided to place the bet at DirectBet. It was that simple. I merely went to click on Boestch and had the odds (I could have opted for taking win by TKO, by submission, etc), but I just wanted to take the odds as Boestch is quite capable as a fighter, and I liked the odds and payoff should he have won.

The ease of transaction was simple after I sent the bet. I just waited for it to clear via the Bitcoin QT, and bet was placed. I didn’t bet a great deal, but enough to give me a little excitement in my life and a Saturday night. I was amazed at how simple it was to place the bet, and kind of fun actually, and I liked my odds.

The fight didn’t go in Boestch or my bet’s favor. In fact he got caught in a head triangle early on shooting in for a leg. I don’t think he even took a punch in the face. He lost via Kimura after he couldn’t get out of the head triangle and the arm was sitting right there for Rockhold to lock in the Kimura for the finish. And so I lost my bet.

I would give DirectBet a 10 out of 10 for ease. Plus I give them credit for their odds making, as I surely thought I could beat the odds! But I didn’t.

The amount of sports on this site is incredible: Horse Racing, Soccer, Tennis, American Football, Baseball, Basketball, Snooker, Golf, Ice Hockey, Cricket, Rugby, Darts, Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Australian Football, Motorsport, and even Eurovision 2014 (song contest).

So the small wager didn’t go my way. At least I supported the local fighter, took the odds, but would have been nice to win. Made it a little more exciting and I put my money where my mouth is.

Remember to be responsible when betting. With freedom comes personal responsibility. But overall, I would say this was a great website, with ease of Bitcoin betting, with much to offer. As Bitcoin emerges, you will see more and more betting, and it is going to be up to trust and integrity and ease. I found that with DirectBet. And I see I earned bonus points, and there is reward when you get to 1000 points for their loyalty plan. I just wanted to try it out for the sake of Bitcoin betting. I just wish it would have gone my way!


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