Bitcoin Macroeconomics Seeking Trading Partners

Bitcoin Macroeconomics is seeking international trading partners. I am seeking commodities or good from either foreign nations or within the United States. Products subject to all rules and regulations and laws of member countries respectively.

Must  be full container load, 20′ TEU or greater. Break bulk items considered. Seeking heavy equipment, semi trucks, and mining equipment.. Seeking reputable dealers, dealerships, yachts, and high performance motorsports cars as well. Full container loads of parts and accessories also welcomed. Equipment or motorsports cars or yachts can be new or used. Collectors and buyers of classic muscle cars wanted, same goes for sellers. If you want to list product, fees must be submitted at that time, in Bitcoin. No exceptions. No solicitations.

Agricultural products or seafood, refrigerated or frozen subject to buyers and sellers terms and all Federal and International Laws. All products subject to export declarations and rules and regulations. This is why you need reputable international and domestic freight forwarder, and customs broker. Again, all sales between buyer and seller.

Must provide full inspection details, must accept Bitcoin. Must be current trader, auction house, or reputable business to even be considered.

Terms of sale must include Bitcoin payment only. Must sign agreement terms and conditions and payment made for listing up front to even be considered.

Terms of sale are between buyer and seller. All sales final unless terms agreed upon by both parties in advance.

Freight arrangements can be made for fee, or logistics will be handled between buyer and seller.

Full description of details and inspections reports must be rendered upon initial discussion to even be considered. Payment for listing must be paid up front.

No downloads will be accepted, all reports and inspections and company information be in form of link to be considered. Countries on banned export / import list will not even be considered. Only serious inquiries will be accepted.

Plant relocations will be considered on case by case basis, subject to terms and conditions.

Payment to Bitcoin Macroeconomics must be paid up front before providing any third party information on buyer or seller. No exceptions. All sales are between buyers and sellers. Bitcoin Macroeconomics accepts no liability between final sale of goods and products. Adherence to all laws must be observed.

Illegal products and activity clearly will not be accepted or tolerated and will be turned over to proper authorities. All paperwork for import and export is between buyer and seller.

If any buyers are interested in dimensional lumber, plywood, OSB, or engineered lumber products, including glu lam beams, I certainly can put in inquiry, however I do not know a single mill that currently accepts Bitcoin. Subject to serious offers, although I highly doubt it, though I will not turn down inquiry. If it’s a down market and they have a firm offer, they may consider it. All firm offers in Bitcoin means that payment must be made at that time, if you lace order and they accept it, it’s a done deal. I just don’t see it happening, but let’s be the first, shall we?

*Note, this is completely separate from The Bitcoin Buyers & Sellers Cooperative, although it could run in conjunction with it. Membership in the Bitcoin Buyers & Sellers Cooperative is free for members who join in the first year, and will remain free for the duration of the program. Acceptance and payment in Bitcoin is the only stipulation and this must be posted on a website or be clearly stated in writing. There will be no exceptions to that rule.














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