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I came across Adam Kokesh in about 2008 I believe. He came from the Freedom circles, and he has made a name for himself ever since. If you have ever heard of Winter Soldier, I remember his voice, those speaking out against the Iraq War based on what they have seen and done in the name of America. This movement also came about from the Vietnam War where veterans had seen enough or participated enough that they had to let others know. Adam Kokesh has served his country and served as a Marine.

According to Wikipedia, “In 1999, Kokesh enlisted in the United States Marine Corps Reserve.[10] In 2004, he was deployed to Iraq and served in Fallujah.[12] He was a liaison between the U.S. military and Iraqi civilians as a member of the 3rd Civil Affairs Group.[2] He also worked a security checkpoint while in Iraq.[13] He brought home a pistol from Iraq in 2004[10] in violation of military rules, as a result of which he was demoted from sergeant to corporal, and shortly thereafter he was honorably discharged from active duty.[13] Kokesh received the Combat Action Ribbon and the Navy Commendation Medal for his combat in Fallujah.[14] In an interview with Washington DC’s local Fox affiliate, Kokesh claimed to be 70% disabled from his military service and that he supports himself through disability payments.[15]”

I am familiar with Mr. Kokesh’s activism, and recall him protesting during a McCain speech for the 2008 Presidential election. He went on to MANY other incidents of protest. I have seen him arrested for dancing, yes dancing, at the Jefferson Memorial. The thugs in costumes actually threw him to the ground and arrested him, and to my knowledge we have certain rights as Americans, inherent rights, that allow for the right to protest and to express ourselves, in fact I had a grandfather that lost a leg apparently for this, you know, defending our freedom. But they don’t show this on TV. No. I have seen him harassed in front of the White House for journalism, yet the police said he was not a journalist despite his show Adam Vs The Man. So much for the right to free press. You know, I don’t even know what people are fighting wars for after seeing what they have done to Mr. Kokesh, to be honest with you. But these aren’t wars, these are illegal occupations.

I am familiar with Mr. Kokesh’s Iraq Veterans Against War (IVAW) and libertarian activism, sometimes one could say anarchism. He has that right, we all do, as we are all individuals, but “they” sure want to silence people like Mr. Kokesh. But we are free, right, as I quote Mr. Mustaine “after all it’s still We the People, right?”

Mr. Kokesh has had a checkered military background, but he served his country. I think it’s what he stands for that is more important. And I do distinctly remember his speech from Minnesota before a Ron Paul crowd. The man speaks with a voice.

I once asked him several years ago who his favorite founding father was, and his answer was Patrick Henry.

Wikipedia went on to say “In February 2007, he became an active participant in the Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW). On March 19, 2007, to mark the 4th anniversary of the 2003 invasion of Iraq, Kokesh and 12 other IVAW members participated in an occupation-like mock patrol of Washington, D.C.[22] Kokesh first came to national attention after he was interviewed on CNN and his photograph appeared in various newspapers, including the front page of the Los Angeles Times at a protest during Alberto Gonzales‘s testimony to Congress regarding the dismissal of U.S. attorneys. Kokesh, wearing his marine corps Boonie hat, held up a sign counting the number of times Gonzalez said “I don’t remember” or “I don’t recall” (Kokesh claimed Gonzalez used such phrases 74 times).[23]

Kokesh arrest at Senate Hart office building, April 26, 2007

In April 2007, Kokesh and a number of other activists were arrested for protesting the Iraq war in the Senate Hart Office Building. Kokesh had performed a ceremony for lost service members using an American flag.[24]

In June 2007, Kokesh along with IVAW members Liam Madden and Nate Lewis were arrested for crossing onto Fort Benning during an anti-war protest. A spokesperson for the IVAW said the three had accidentally stepped onto the base while talking to a guard. The trespass charges were dismissed.[25]

Kokesh enrolled in graduate studies in political management at George Washington University.[21] In October 2007, Kokesh, along with six other students, created controversy by putting up mock political posters across the university campus to mock what they called the Islamophobic racist “Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week” being observed at the campus. The event was organized by a conservative student organization, and invited speaker David Horowitz on the George Washington University campus.[26][27]”

Here’s the link to Wikipedia, as there is a lot more.

Mr. Kokesh has been an activist for years, despite lack of mainstream coverage. The press does not dare show what blatant disgrace for freedom this country exhibits which brings a man to such activism and controversy. But if we are not free, then what are we?

Adam Vs The Man is an alternative media that has been broadcast on RT News, and Mr. Kokesh gladly accepts Bitcoin – one, for his activism, the show, and content, but also his online store where he sells merchandise for Adam Vs The Man. Activism isn’t cheap. In fact it can bring thousands of dollars in attorney bills. But it takes guts. And that’s enough. But guts doesn’t cover the costs of activism or attorney bills.

If you haven’t heard of Mr. Kokesh, what rock have you been living under? Get away from that TV NOW. And check out Adam Vs The Man!

If you haven’t seen Mr. Kokesh’s clips that are all over Youtube, I strongly urge you to check them out and see what activism is all about, and what some people do and at what risk they take to protest and to be an activist of a new level. And then I want you to ask yourself how free we really are. And then ask yourself what have you done in the name of freedom?

I certainly appreciate Mr. Kokesh’s activism. We need people like this as our freedoms are blatantly being taken away, further encroached upon, incrementally, and at least some people are taking a stance, before it is too late. Controversy….it goes without saying.


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