Golden Gate Hotel & Casino & The D Las Vegas Casino Hotel First on the Board to Accept Bitcoin in Vegas

You have to love the Wild West and that it is for in the virtual currency market. The first to stake their claim in accepting Bitcoin in Las Vegas, Nevada are the Golden Gate Casino & Hotel and The D Las Vegas Hotel Casino.

It looks as though both Hotel Casinos will be accepting Bitcoin for their hotels, restaurants and gift shops. That’s a good start. I just wonder when gaming with Bitcoin will be accepted industry-wide?

For more details please read the Golden Gate Casino & Hotel’s press release announcing January 21st, 2014 as when they started accepting Bitcoin. When I called the front desk of The D Las Vegas Hotel Casino, a separate property yet owned by the same ownership, I was told that they are under remodel and will begin accepting Bitcoin when they have finished this upgrade and remodel. No word as to when and if they will accept Bitcoin for events such as Mixed Martial Arts, but there has to be a good gambler’s chance.

Credit for link: Kaley Briesmaster & Maddie Meister – Kirvin Doak Communications

Pretty historic for very historic properties, some of the originals in Vegas.


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